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6 Month CT Follow up After Clinical Trial


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FANTASTIC!!!!!! Stable disease, no progression. Just what I wanted to hear. Would be somewhat more jubilant if I wasn't going through WBR for the Brain Met.(Did manage a Tangueray No. Ten Martini) The WBR Zaps all the energy out of you and the massive amount of steroids to control brain swelling really knocks you for a loop, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Git R Done. They seem to be confident that it will do the trick, so bring er on. Got 7 to go out of 15 so we're over halfway. No pain or discomfort, just the fatigue and yucky steroid feeling.

God Bless


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You up for another martini???? I'm ready to drink with you! Glad to hear you doing well. Hope the rest of those treatments get over with quickly and you are back to your 'normal' self..............if you know whaat that may be. I have NO idea what normal is for me anymore. That makes it kinda fun, don'tcha think?

Way to go, Charlie!!!



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