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Dads Gone


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This past Friday at 2:15 pm. He died at home with us. He was awake and lucide right up until the very end. The pain got very bad thursday but worse on Friday...he didn't last long after that.All through his illness, he kept telling us that he wanted to get better, he WAS fighting, but now it seems that he was kind of fighting a losing battle, knowing it, and trying to protect us, his children. I had to tell Dad we'd be ok and it was alright to go...even though I didn't and still dont want him to go.I also didn't want the suffering to go on any longer.

Right now, Im kind of numb....I have moments of terrible pain and sorrow and moments of acceptance. The wake and funeral are Tuesday and Wednesday. It is not something any of us are looking forward to.

My God this all seems so surreal. Dad was only just diagnosed in January! He slid more and more downhill .

Im greatfull for the months weve had with him, dont get me wrong, but Im greedy, I want more time.

Hospice was wonderful, Im so glad now that we had them. We were visited by many angels and for that Im so thankful.

And even though I havn't been around much, Im so greatfull to you guys and this group. Thankyou all so much.

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear sweet dad.

I will be sending prayers to God for you and your family. I pray that God bring you comfort and peace in the days to come. I pray that your pain be eased and your hearts filled with his Grace and the knowledge that your dad is still with you and loving you in spirit.

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I am very sadden to hear about your dad, I all to knowningly understand about losing your dad to cancer, I lost my dad last year, but please take some comfort in knowing that your dad isn't suffering anymore and is now at peace. I am sending out my prayers to you and your family today.


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So sorry to hear this news. take great thanks in thew fact that he was home surrounded by loved ones and at peace with the world. THis will become more difficult as time passes. IF you need us to yell at or vent we are always here for you and your family for any reason. My most heartfelt condolences and sympathies and many heartfelt prayers for inner peace and strength.

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