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Not good news today.

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Well, my father had his first oncology appt. today after learning that his cancer has returned. The doctor is not holding out much hope due to my dad's decreased lung function and pain management problems. In fact, he told us that given his current status he's concerned about how my father will make it the next few months. This, of course, was a big letdown for us. Daddy is not a candidate for more surgery or radiation, so chemo is our only option at this point. We have to make up our minds by Monday whether or not to try a clinical trial they're conducting at our cancer center. There are so many decisions to make. We've also got to prepare my mother for the months to come. Any and all prayers are appreciated.

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Don't give up hope yet. Last year my dad was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma- the original oncologist gave him a year. He was not eligible for surgery or radiation. We are just passed the one year mark and he is currently stable---taking a break from chemo and still up and about.

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I am so sorry to read your post. Your family has already been through so much. This is such a stressful time. I pray that your father has renewed strength, renewed health, and that your decision making is clear. God bless you.


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Check out cyberknife surgery. Your dad may be a candidate. Here is a link where you can ask radiation oncologists about your dad's situation.


They are very helpful and answer within 24 hours.

Here is a link to the manufacturer's web site where you can enter a state to find the nearest cyberknife center.


I have cut and pasted the loctions in Florida from the above web page:

CyberKnife Center of Miami

7867 North Kendall Drive #105

Miami, FL, 33156


Phone Main: (800) 204-0455

Phone Alt: (305) 279-2900

NCH Regional Cancer Institute

Opening in July, 2004

733 4th Avenue North

Naples, FL, 34102


CyberKnife Center of Palm Beach

10335 North Military Trail, Suite C

West Palm Beach, FL, 33401


Phone Main: (561) 799-2828

Phone Alt: (877) 330-3339

Here is a link to a recent newes release about cyberknife in Cancer Compass News:


Don M

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My thoughts are with you. I know how tough this -- all you can do is spend time together, honor your dad's wishes and pary for peace of mind and strength (which we all do for you!) I am so sorry you all are going through this...remember, each day as it comes, you will have strength to deal with each day as it comes....

Love to you all.

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