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Nesting eggs (updated 8/29)


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I will be on bed rest for a full week starting tomorrow nesting my eggs for in-vitro :)

Thanks to a wireless laptop, I will be checking my e-mail (and PMs) twice a day to see if there are any cookbook related messages :) So keep those pictures and recipes coming!!!!!!! My time on email will be brief, so I won't be posting (although I could do a bump here and there for the cookbook ;))

15 of the 25 eggs retreived fertilized, that is a better response than last time and there will be plenty left over :)

A week to do nothing but eat, sleep and watch tv :) And try not to worry :roll: I have my urine cytology recheck the following week and then I just found out I am slightly anemic (11.3). They said don't worry, but you know ;)

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Looks like again it will be a chemical pregnancy (which basically means early failed pregnancy). I have a hcg of 7 which is technically positive, but most probably too low to sustain.

Oh well, on to surrogacy and maybe another round myself or adoption. Thanks for all the good thoughts!

And off to urologist tomorrow about that urine cytology :(

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Mitzu--it is a legitimate question. They know initially why I had fertility problems, but at this point they have no clue why it is not taking. Just random luck. Not the worst thing in the world in the scheme of things :)

I go back tomorrow for another level check.

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