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Mike's Test Results


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About 2 weeks ago they drained over 2 liters of fluid out of his right lung. He had a bone scan and a CT yesterday and we got the results today.

Goodbye to NED! It is back. The fluid was positive and there is a spot on his chest wall that has invaded his 6th rib. They say that it is good that it is only one mass, because it has not spread to his bones. He also has nodules in both lungs, but they are too small to tell. He has always had some, but now there are more. They say this could be infection, cancer or something else. So we are back to treatment again.

He will be starting radiation and chemo on Wednesday of next week. We were so close to a year being cancer free! It is funny, when they scheduled this appointment I wanted to say can we wait until after the 11th. Funny how we think.

The doctors are treating him aggressively. They plan to shrink the tumor and then go in and cut it out.

To be honest, I took it all rather well. Is it easier the second time? I think that when we went today that we both thought that it was back. I wasn't even nervous. I guess in my heart I knew that it was back. Maybe it hasn't hit yet. Maybe it will hit next week as we go to chemo again. I guess that will be reality!

Since this is our first trip of radiation, does anyone have any advice? What can I expect? How will he feel? They are doing 5 1/2 weeks and then a scan. Then maybe more radiation and chemo or stronger chemo. Then surgery.

Thanks for being here! You all will never know how much I depend on all of you!

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doggonit anyway, Kim.

Good part is that the app't time for radiation is usually very short. In and out, most of the time. Only thing I can think of is to see if there is one of those radiation machines around your area to be treated with. Apparently there is some kind of machine now that "breathes" with the patient so that the radiation delivered to the breathing/moving area is more accurate. I forget the name of the machine now though...(sorry).

I had chemo/rad combo. So it was hard to sort out which one was doing what to my body. I did get badly burned though. Make sure the skin is in good supple and moisturized condition now. NO moisturizer before daily treatment though, only after daily tx. Lots of fluids. Get to know the radiation nurses early on. They can be a huge support.

Ask for macho tattos for your macho husband!

(no butterflies)

We are here for you as you go through this.

Cindi o'h

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I am so sorry your family is going through this again, Kim.

Radiation was a breeze for me until about 3/4 into it when I started having esophageal problems and could barely eat. I was fortunate in that I did not have the skin problems that others have had. (I used Aloe Vera gel at least twice a day.) I did have quite a bit of fatigue with the treatments. The fatigue and eating problems began to resolve about 2 weeks after completion of treatment.

I so hope the treatments go well for Mike. I'll be sending prayers out for him.

Take care,


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Suck a duck :(

My mom had radiation and she got pretty tired from it. At first it was ok, then it got progressively worse, then when it was at its worst it was all over and she bounced back. She also took liquid vicadin for throat pain I believe.

Keep us posted.

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Sorry that NED has decided to take a walk on ya! I'll be praying that he makes he way back PDQ!!!

I can agree with the others on the radiation. I also did the the chemo/radiation thing. 12 weeks on the radiation. I went through the throat thing. Mine seemed to swell more than it was sore. It felt like everything got stuck in there and it was very difficult to eat. Eat small meals often of whatever tastes good. Don't forget the boost or ensure.. if he can handle it. The nurse gave me skin cream on my first visit which i used faithfully and I didn't burn.

The worst was the fatigue. I was tired to the bones. Not at the beginning but it crept up on me and got worse as I went along. I couldn't even drive into town without stopping to rest in my car. Not sure if it was the rads or chemo or both but it does get you down.

However, just like the others said after the treatment ended I rebounded pretty quick.

prayers for all of you.... I'm so glad the docs are going to be agressive and he's to NED's return!!


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Hi Kim,

Sorry about the recurrence. When I had radiation, it did make me tired. But I only had 2 weeks - 5 1/2 weeks is a lot of radiation. And mine was spine and clavicle, so I had no problems with the skin.

Good luck. Let us know how things work out.


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Sorry to hear the latest news. You guys are fighters and will get through this!! He will be really, really tired with that much radiation. Gosh, I hardly know what to say other than I'm thinking of both of you and wishing you the best.

Warm regards,


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