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Pretty Olga / Deperate Olga


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Hi Friends--

I don't post much, so I was very surprised to get a private e-mail message, as follows:

My name is Olga. I would like to tell you about me a little and I would

be glad to know something about you.

Here is link where you can register and see my detailed profile:


click here to fill few feilds and watch my detailed profile with juicy photos


(Photos are **Word not allowed**)

More info about me:

I live in Russia in the capital

Moscow. I'm 26 years old. I'm elegant blond woman, tender and cheerful, tactful,

patient, with sense of humor, a little bit shy. I do body-flex and

tennis. I'm interested in the teaching of the jogs.

I want to create family with interesting man.

I imagine you to have middle or a little bit higher height, normal

shape, slender; I want you to be intelligent, have sincere attitude to

other's shortcomings and not want to rebuild the world; clever

optimist with the sense of the duty. I am waiting for the letter from

you. I shall answer evrybody! Clik here to contact me:

contact me


I e-mailed her back and told her she was a desperate loser. Anyone else heard from her?


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Nah Randy, if she were looking for the older crowd, she definitely would have hit on Muriel. 8)

Muriel, I'm not sure what the timeline should be on the sadness for being left out. I wanna guess- maybe 2 minutes?

Its just a shame that the wisdom of the jogs could not be imparted to everyone...

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Shoot! I did not hear from our friend!

She wouldn't like me anyway. I don't teach jogs, I want to save the world, and I am not a male.

My guess is it's a mail-order bride business based in the US, hopint to drum up business via SPAM. Scum of the earth to do that here. Let the prospective "American grooms" find the service on their own!

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