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Hello everyone

Debra A

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I have been newly diagnosed with stage IIIb lung cancer , am starting my chemo therapy on 28 November. I am in need of support, my family has been wonderful my husband is my rock and so is my daughter. I am just very scared. The dr said it was inoperable because he wouldn't get it all and took off the radiation treatment for now because I am breathing so well, so that is a bit of good news. I am so new to this and just really scared. I live in the Dallas area

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Welcome Debra!

So sorry to hear your dx, but you will find many here stage 3a and 3b doing pretty darn good after a number of years. Under our names you will see what is called a profile. It gives all the important info with regard to dx and tx. It will be helpful to the great folks here as they offer you help and encouragement.

I am interested in just what the reason is for no surgery. Very often it is not an option for 3b, but I am curious what your docs reasoning is.

Hope we can be a support to you and of some comfort as well.


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Welcome from another Texan, "former" in this case since I've lived in Hawaii for 34 years and this state says I belong to them and owe them state income taxes, which I think Texas still doesn't have.

Give us some specifics about your situation, diagnosis, and planned treatment and you'll get plenty of responses from folks here who have gone down the same path that you're starting on. A simple way to accomplish this is via the profile of symptoms, treatments, results, etc. displayed at the bottom of your posts. This profile always reflects your latest updated information even if the message is old and saves you from having to repeat a lot of background and status information every time you post -- just plunge right into the subject at hand. To create a profile, click the My Profile link at the top of the page, enter/update your information in the Signature window, and make sure that Preferences > Always attach my signature is marked Yes.

And don't worry about the "inoperable" part. I'll PM you with more on that shortly -- check your My Mail link at the top.

Best wishes and Aloha.

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Welcome Debra: I hope you weather the treatment ok and have good results. I think most people are scared at first, but after treatment starts, and a routine is established, a lot of the heebie jeebies goes away. I remember that my main emotion was a sort of incredulous wonder that I got cancer. I had a hard time believing it and it took a while for it to sink in.

Don M

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Welcome, Debra.

My first suggestion would be getting a second opinion so you have no "What if" moments about it farther down the road.

It is scary, you're not a sissy. There's the unknown, what you think you know and the sheer magnitude of OMIGAWDITSHAPPENINGTOME!

Stop often for support, but get a second opinion, too. It's important.

Good luck,


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Hello Debra and welcome

I am sorry about your diagnosis, but glad you found this site. You will find so many wonderful people here who are more than willing to offer you advice, answers, support and hope.

I agree with Becky Snowflake about a second (and 3rd or more if necessary) opinion. It is a very wise idea as this is a huge diagnosis. Sometimes that other set of eyes sees things differently and that can make all the difference.

Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help you.

My best to you


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Hi Debra,

Great advice and support so far from the best who have experience with this. You are NOT alone. WE are with you the whole way. I am so glad that you found us. We will help with everything that we can.

It is frightening at first. All of us will agree on that. But, with time, a good solid treatment plan and treatment, the fears are made less horrendous.

I was diagnosed at Stage lllb inoperable too. That was 4 years ago, honey. And I just finished my anniversary of diagnosis. Since finishing chemo and radiation, I haven't had a recurrence. It can happen. If it can happen for one is can happen to more. I can tell you for sure that I am not the only survivor for stage lllb. There is plenty hope. Gather up all the knowledge that you can. By you coming here and looking for answers and encouragement, I believe you already have a leg up.

Keep in good touch. We will help you.

Cindi o'h

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Debra- Welcome to the site. My husband is the same stage as you are. He was also told it was inoperable but they would stop and reevaluate him for surgery if the tumor shrunk enough. We did seek a second opinion just to make sure He had a lot of success with radiation and chemo. What type of chemo are you starting? I hope all goes well.


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Welcome Debra,

Many of us have been stage III and are doing well. I was able to have surgery, but without the chemo and radiation I am not sure that would have been enough. Many of our members have had chemo first and then surgery. It all depends on where it is and how well you do on chemo. Best of luck to you and let us hear from you often.


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Oh wow thank you so much everyone for your support. I think I have my signature attached now with everything I know so far, will get names of chemo meds on there later.

I think this place will do me good, it makes me happy to see all of you people here surviving :)

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Debra, but I want to welcome you to the board. You will find lots of support and encouragement here.

I was also diagnosed Stage IIIB NSCLC a little over 16 months ago. Initially it was hoped that I would be able to have surgery to remove my lung, but that didn't work out. After months and months of chemo and radiation, I feel great today. Its kind of creepy knowing that the remnants of the original tumor are still inside me, but that doesn't keep me down at all. I work fulltime, chauffer my 13 year old daughter on her endless social activities, and have recently started a walking program (walked 2.5 miles yesterday!). Treatment isn't easy, but, looking back, it wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be.

Feel free to pm me if I can be of any help.


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Hi Debra,

I'm so glad you found this site, there is a lot of encouragement and support here.

It looks like you and I are similar in that I am also a IIIb, cancer in the right lung and in the pleura. I just finished the chemo course you are going to to and I tolerated it very well. It also showed quite a bit of shrinkage after only four rounds (I did six).

Please feel free to pm me if you want to talk.

Good luck with your PET scan today.


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