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The Boston total...drum roll please.. (updated)


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$119,259.00 is the total!!! It should be over $120K after all the corporate matches come in. Many, many thanks to everyone that signed up, walked, donated, forwarded pages, and cheered us on. Hopefully this money finds it way to some brainiac that finds a cure for this nasty disease.

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I am totally blown away!!!!! Thank you committee!!!!

I already have my manicurist signed up for next year. Never thought to ask her since my hair stylist of 30 years wasn't keen on giving. This gal owns the shop and I always went to one of her workers. Only for about 6 months has she been doing me. She wanted to hear all about it and wondered why I never asked her for a donation. Says she LOVES to support her customers. I think she may even be interested in a more sizable donation! So I am pumped and ready to go!



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Absolutely amazing. What was the walks original goal $15,000? As a community, it wouldn't have happened without everyone's help here from LCSC.

I belong to many forums, this one is by far the most productive and useful. What a wonderful merger between Lungevity and LCSC. Katie and Rick you have touched many more lives than I bet your wildest dreams have ever expected. Ry, thanks for being Michigans captain, you did a great job (Are we eating Oklahoma dust?). Rich and Geri, thanks for initiating the walk. Debi, that whole satellite idea was brilliant, you deserve a raise. :D

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As one of nine on this committee I can honestly say on everyone's behalf that..........WE HAVEN'T STOPPED SMILING YET!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I am going to present a certificate to the title sponsor, I shall be walking into his office with great pride and will be able to announce our total knowing that we ALL (you all included) did a damn fine job of raising this incredidible amount of money.

I hope this silly grin is never wiped off my face - I'm so enjoying seeing the reaction when I tell people how many people walked and how much money came in. We've all mentioned the negative parts of asking for money but the flip side is that most that gave did so freely and with a commitment to our cause which made us so successful.

Rich and Rochelle both did an awesome job, you made this a much easier event for all of us. Thank you.

Watch out - we're gearing up for next year!


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