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Thanks Welthy, everyone for asking and yes you were right Rochelle, be gald to pay the fine. :) Sorry for the delay had my chemo and saw my onc for a new game plan. Doing good overall except fatigue wise been very tired and weak since being on Alimta. The tank is empty for sure.

So the new game plan is--take a break from chemo all together for a while. Will get a ct scan next month and see her after that and unless something changes dramatically will hold off on any chemo. When I do start back up will be either Avastin or Taxotere.

The leg. Not sure about the leg the latest test (MRV) was inconclusive. Still not sure if there is a bold clot but she did say the blood to the veins is very slow. My understanding it is very hard getting a good study of the veins when it is below the knee. Since it as gone down significantly since losing some weight and it feels better. We are going to take a wait and see on it and my oncologist will confer with my PCP and my Cardiologist to get there input. She does not want to start me on any blood thinners yet because of my blood (ITP)disease.

Well that is about it for now and again thank you everyone for your concern and I hope every one had a nice Christmas/Holiday, we did! My spirits are good and my attidute is evern better!


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Hi Rich,

So glad you checked in. Rich Iam sorry for all the problems you are having. Glad you are getting a break from the chemo.

I pray for you to have a good year also.

Take care and please check in from time to time. You are missed around here. But of course it is important for you to rest and gain your strength.

Just know that Iam thinking of you and praying for strength and I will continue to send meditation healing for you.

Maryanne :wink:

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Now that's what I'm talking about! Glad you checked in and sorry that the tank is empty. I'm happy you will be celebrating a "chemo holiday"! Enjoy your time off, rest and get re-fueled.

Good luck and keep us posted now that you know big brother is watching. :shock:

Hang in there big guy. As always, our thoughts are with you.


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