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January 9th


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Hey guys. I had to come here tonight to let out some emotions I have been having today. Today marks the one year anniversary of my mom's (first) brain surgery-the one that filled ALL OF US with so much hope, fear, anxiety. On January 8, 2006, mom left her house and never returned. None of us ever imagined things would happen the way they did. God how she fought the beast.

I have been missing her so very much lately, in a way that just brings me to tears. When she first died, I felt OK, really proud of what she had accomplished and me too. Now, though, after nearly 4 months of no mom, I feel lonely, unguided, unsure of myself and I just plain want my mama to hold me.

I hate this beast. I HATE IT!!! I guess the grief is here, in full force. I am so sad and I just need her back with me.

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Lori, I am so sorry. I know how you feel. I am still stunned by my mom been gone after a year. Like my friend said to me, she lost her mom 5 year ago, "I can finally think about her without having my breath taken away, but you will never get over it".

Hang in there!


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I'm so sorry you're in pain right now and I wish I could take it away, but all I can do is be here to listen anytime you need a cyber friend to lean on who's travelling the same loss you are.

I'm glad you are posting and letting it out as you can. Jan 6th was my six month marker since my mom passed -- when I get lonely and insecure, I remember that I really do still have mom with me, inside, in everything she taught me about life all those years before the dx battle; it's been helping so far.

Take care,


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Honey, I am so sorry.

I was not blessed by a wonderful relationship with a mother who loved children.

That has so much to do with all the love and respect and hope I feel with those of you who are loving daughters and sons. Treasure the gift your mom is to you. Share her strength and love so that her family continues to feel her influence and know that what you 2 shared was very very special and will be tangible once again.



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