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fortunately.......Final update


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Mom revealed to me today that for the past week she has been really shakey. Her body (including her head). I had noticed it about three days ago and told her but she blew it off and said "oh am I". Now she is getting more concerned because she has been shaking almost all day but with a couple really bad episodes. So she called her onc. who immediately set her up for her MRI (which is where her and Dad are now). I am so worried. It has been 26 months since Dx and I am scared. I know she is scared too and that breaks my heart because she is the toughest lady I have ever met. :cry:

On another note baby Chloe will be 1 on Friday already. We threw out all bottles and no more formula how sad :cry:

Does anyone now what may cause the shaking?? :D

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I had no idea that things weren't 'good' and apparently you didn't either. Sorry to hear this. You come right back here with the results, okay? And as for that sweet Chloe......how about a pic for us all? I would love to see her.

Prayers, Heidi. Sure hope all will be be resolved and good.



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Getting the MRI should identify the problem, and then hopefully it can be addressed. It may be something minor. I had problems with my legs sort of seizing. I was sure it was the start of my being unable to walk. But it is now gone and the doctors are not even sure what the cause was.

Hang in there.


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My Mom has the Shakes and Dr says everything is ok, so she does not worry about it. Nothing major just thehands when she is holding things. Prayers for A good Scan

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So moms appt went well yesterday. Her onc said he was totally suprised that the MRI was clear because anyone who calls and has those symptoms he would almost guarantee a brain tumor. So we are so fortunate once again. He is referring her to a neurologist and that appt is Tuesday and meantime he wants her to take two Xanax a day to see if that helps. We are so relieved but would still like to know what is going on.

I just want to let everyone on this board that I pray for each and every member on a daily basis and am continuosly praying for a cure!

Thank you all for your prayers. As prayers go up blessings come down.

God Bless you all!


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