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Getting to Know You - February 5


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There are a lot of new members on this board and sometimes our profiles just don't say too much about us. So, in order to really get to know each other a bit better, let's share about who we are. I'll start.

I'm Ann and I live in central Florida, on the east coast. I'm employed as an office manager for a construction company. I lost my husband, Dennis, to sclc in 2002, so I can relate to cancer from a caregivers standpoint. I have three grown sons, two daughter-in-laws and 1 new grandaughter. Last year, I remarried a wonderful man that has been so helpful in helping our family to "mend" after losing Dennis. I love animals and will rescue almost any animal that needs a home. Right now, I have a golden retriever, two doxies, 4 cats and a parrot. I love being creative and have a small craft business that is my "other work." I am just about to complete training to volunteer at our local Hospice House. I think this will be so very rewarding.

So...tell us about you!!

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I am Ginny and I live about 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. My husband Earl died on 8/18/04 from stage IV NSCLC. It was dx'd because he had a seizure, so it was stage IV at dx. He survived for 23 months.

I have 2 children, boy and girl, and 2 stepchildren, boy and girl. And 9 beautiful, smart, funny grandchildren, 6 boys and 3 girls.

I have spent most of my life working with computers starting in the 60's when they filled a room. In 1980 Earl and I both left IBM and started a computer consulting business. Over the years our software morphed into a software package for growers of bedding plants. Our software ran on IBM midrange computers, Earl always called pc's tinker toys, but he knew we would have to migrate our software to run on them.

I closed the business when Earl died, he was the brains, I had left the technical mostly behind and concentrated on sales. I am now partially retired. I have a parttime job as a bookkeeper. It really bores me but it allows me to play. I still support a few of our old customers and in fact will be going to one this morning to help with year end.

My hobbies are travel, reading, knitting and gardening. I am in a Woman's Club, a book club and a fund raising group. And I go out way too often with friends for dinners or movies or plays. I went to the Rod Stewart concert last week (WOW) and tomorrow I am going to the Dancing with the Stars tour.

As I have said so often here, what allowed me to keep my sanity after Earl died was keeping busy, busy, busy. I wake up each morning excited about what the day has to offer.

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First, I have to say...I love this post! I have learned so much about the two of you already, and I look forward to learning more from others! (By the way, Ginny...I sat next to the Dancing with the Stars tour on an airplane over the holidays. Joey Lawrence and Drew Lachey are great dads...they both had their daughters with them, and I was quite impressed!)

Anyway...my name is Jen, and I am the mom of two very active children! Zach just turned 4 and Lilli is 1. My husband is the greatest on the planet...100% supportive of WHATEVER I get into! I am an instructor of teacher education at South Dakota State University, where I teach Middle School Philosophies and Applications. I used to teach middle school English and loved it, but came here shortly before Lilli was born. I miss my students, but the flexibility has been fantastic for my family.

I really enjoy being active, exercising, gardening, and beading. All of the above is tough with little ones at home, but as they get older, I have faith I will find the "old" me reappear in small places!

2006 was tough at our house, as that was the year Lilli was so, so difficult and the year Dad was diagnosed. "Papa" as my kids call him, has always been a huge part of my life, as I am the baby by 11 years. I have three older siblings.

I live in Brookings, South Dakota (about 1 hour north of Sioux Falls).My parents have retired about 2 hours away, and we have a little dive of a cabin there (just a place to lay your head at night!) so we are fortunate to see them often.

Can't wait to meet more of you!


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I'm Tina from Tennessee. Charlie lived for 27 months with stage IV NSCLC and passed away on Easter 2006, four months short of our 25th wedding anniversary. We have two daughters--Rachel and Amanda who are now 19 and 13. I also have custody of my 17 year old niece. I'm a self-employed accountant, but not working right now. I'm in the midst of starting a foundation in Charlie's memory called the Breath of Life Support Foundation. We are giving portable DVD players and DVDs to chemo. facilities and will be giving financial support to lung cancer patients when we have raised enough money to get that started. I plan on starting a local support group for LC patients and their families later in the year.

I love to sing, do gardening (although my back objects), and swim. I'm hoping to get in better shape and lose some weight this year. The kids are very involved in church and school activities--sports, color guard, etc. They keep me running a lot.

Life goes on whether I like it or not. My faith, friends, and a grief support group have really helped me move forward as best I can.

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I'm Geri and I live in south central VT. Originally from England I left in 1970, 5 days after getting married. We set sail for Montreal where we lived for the next 12 years and loved it.

In 1982 we moved to Calgary with our 6 year old in tow and spent 4 years admiring the Rockies. From there we made our home in Toronto until Richard's job (again) took us to Southlake, Texas. This is where we planned to live out our lives until a job offer came up that was hard to resist and obviously he didn't!

We have now been in VT for almost 7 years - this is the longest we have ever owned a house - and when Richard retires we are planning another move (hopefully our last) to the Boston area as our daughter now lives there. My dream is to have dinner with them and go home, this will be the closest we have lived to her since she was 18 and moved to Austin to go to university! Aaah, a visit without an overnight bag involved.

I have been 'retired' since Karen was born and classify myself as a professional volunteer. As hard as all the moving has been I've met some of the most remarkable people and have had a boat load of very different volunteer opportunities.

I love to do crafts, read, go camping and prowl antique stores and flea markets mostly just to 'look-see'.

That's who I am


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Hi, I am Don and I live in Houston, TX. I am retired from research chemistry, followed by massage therapy. I lost my wife of 47 years to nsclc last Sept., after she fought a 4-year battle. We have 2 sons and a daughter. One son is married and has 2 boys and 2 girls. One grandson has a daughter, so I am a great grandparent.

Lucie was an artist and painted for a while but turned her talents to sewing and painting figures. We traveled a lot after the kids were gone. We were both active in our church and in outreach and both areas were very supportive in our own struggles.

I have many friends, and one has been a friend for 32 years -- also a source of support. I have been on lchelp.com for over 4 years. Don

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I am Rochelle. My husband has NSCLC stage IIIB. We have three children, 19, 15, and 7 (1 boy and 2 girls). The oldest two are adopted from Korea and the youngest is homemade (our big surprise!). Our son is in college hoping to be a chef, and the two girls keep us busy with soccer and school activities.

We live on a lake in Fenton, Michigan in the house my parents bought in the late 40's. It was a cabin and we have remodeled it over the years to accommodate our family.

I am the Executive Director of a large non-profit corporation that works with disabled individuals. I love antiques and have been collecting and going to auctions since I was a little girl. Consequently, I have waaaaaay too much stuff in my house and garage. My second love is gardening. I love planting and landscaping our yard.


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I am Connie and I live in Sioux Falls, SD. I just lost my mom and my best friend to NSCLC on June 1. I have a wonderful husband and we are both in the Construction industry. So far we have been extremely blessed, as the housing market doesn't seem to be slowing down here. We have two wonderful daughters, one is 23 and the other will be 21 in a couple of months. The oldest one graduated from the University of Minnesota and moved back here for a great job with Sioux Valley Hospital, now called Sanford Health. The other one is still in college here in Sioux Falls. They were really close to my mom and called her the best Granny ever. By the way Jen, both of the girls were born in Brookings and I graduated from SDSU. My husband grew up there and some of his family still live there. We have been here in Sioux Falls for 10 years and love it! I love to do a lot of things: Travel is by far my most favorite, I also like to read , garden (when there are no snakes), cook and bake which is why I just bought a treadmill. I also love to spend time with my girls, which is mainly shopping.

I am starting my training to work with hospice, which I am excited about.

I love this thread and I hope more people share.


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My name is Larry and i lost my Wife of 44.5 year's to sclc last Feb 3 2006 after she had fought bravely for 22 month's.

I live in Dodge City Ks where men are men and the women know it. We raised 9 children and we lost our oldest son in 1994 to a hit and run driver in Phoenix Az.My now oldest son is a first sargent in the speacial forces and is now training new speacial op's after 3 tour's in Iraq. My oldest daughter is assistant to the director of Nursing for the state of AZ and former buisness office manager for a major hospital in Phoenix.My youngest son was wounded in Iraq and is now working through the VA in Phoenix.Another son is a supervisor for a Dry wall company in Phoenix and my 3 other daughter's 2 are married. As you may have guesed i'm from Phoenix and why i moved is a long story. I'm now retired but went back to work full time a few month's after my wife died and i currently am working for DHl. I was also the amateur Boxing Coach for 20 year's. I am also a Ham Radio operator which is my main hobby and am some what active in my Church. I think this pretty much tell's you all who i am........Larry

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I'm Jackie,

I live in the French province of

Canada, Quebec.

Lost my husband Mike to lc, we were

married for 43 years.

Alone, now no family left and no

children (sound kind of negative)

which I am not.

Worked as a CPA and after as a

Program administrator till I retired,

now I do and teach TT one day a week

in the hospital and also do volunteer

work for a non profit organization.

Had a lot of hobbies that required

good dexterity which I lost now, so

still do a bit to keep the touch.

Still read as much as ever.

Have good friends and we enjoy going

out a few times each week, shopping

for antiques, dinner and concert.

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My turn!

I'm Kelly, and I live in Oklahoma. My husband and I spent 10 winters in the Minneapolis area, and then I just had to return home! We've been back in tornado alley for 6 years.

I have 2 kids--a daughter who is 12 and a son who is 9. Yep, they keep us busy. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, voice lessons, jazz band, piano lessons. Sometimes I look around and am shocked to know that they are mine and I really am The Mom.

My mother is the most amazing person I know. My father died very suddenly of a brain aneurysm when I was 8, and Mom raised us on her own after that. She has struggled all of my life with different health issues (this cancer thing is just the latest bump in the road), and she is an inspiration to me. She has the most genuine fatih of anyone I know. She is getting ready to celebrate her 2-year dx anniversary, and she's still going strong!

I teach middle school English and math, and I'm just crazy enough to love it. This is my 15th year of teaching, and I can't imagine doing anything else.

I love this board and all it has done for me. I constantly quote folks from this board as my friends...and you are. I can't imagine this journey without you!

:) Kelly

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Hi, I am Debbie and my wonderful husband Alan was DX

with SCLC on Jan 10th 2005. We have been married for

14 years with number 15 just around the corner. Alan

and I have no children together, but Alan has 3 grown

children. 1 Daughter and 2 sons and Alan has 5 Grandchildren.

I have a younger sister and younger brother, 3 nieces and 1 nephew.

Alan and I live in Southern Californina about 20 minutes south of Disneyland.

I love to play and compete in many sports. I play Ice Hockey, softball and golf.

Before Alan was diagnosed I competed in sprint triathlons (those have been put on hold for now).

Alan and I are both college football junkies. :?

I have worked in the mortgage business as a loan processor for 12 years.

Since Alan's diagnosis I have become very involved at

St. Joseph's hospital in Orange Ca. where Alan has been treated.

I volunteer once a week and sit on 2 fundraising committees which raise money

for the new 87,000 square foot cancer center, which is due to open in spring 2008.

So that's a snap shot of Alan and I.

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Great topic Ann, this should should be kept on its own thread...

Hi I'm Maryanne,

I am originally for Phila. and moved to South Jersey about 32 years ago (about 15 miles from Philly)

I met my husband in high school. He was my first and last love. But there were others in between for both of us, but we found each other again and married, we have been married going on 38 years in June. My husband Joel was diagnosed with LC which was found accidentally during an Xray when he hurt his back. So he was lucky they found it early.

I worked for Gillette as a sales rep. for 22 years until last July when Gillette was bought out by Procter and Gamble. I was lucky to be kept on as out of 258 Gillette sales reps they only kept on 71. We were so relieved as we needed the medical for Joel and if I went to another company he would be pre-existing and maybe would not cover him. So we were so lucky there.

I also operate a web site called www.babababies.com which is a free site for web pages for babies from ages 0 to 5 years. This way moms and dads could share the pics with love ones who may be in different states.

I have 2 children, a son Jason, age 33 and a daughter Nicole, 31. Neither have significant others. Also our baby, Kelsy which is our cat. She s 18 years old.

I have two siblings, a sister who lives about 1 hour from me and a brother who is retired and living in Florida.

Hopefully, one day I will be a grandmom. :roll:

Still jealous there, Ann!!

Take care and welcome here, :D

Maryanne :wink:

PS. We are hugh EAGLES Fans!!

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I'm Cheryl. I live in Nashua,NH which is about 35 minutes north of Boston. I was born and grew up in Melrose MA and lived close to home until my husband and I wanted more separation from our families ( what we didn't know then was that someday we'd miss them) We have been married for 24 years and we have been together since I was in high school. I have a step daughter who is 25 and she has a son( so technically I am a grandmother), a 24 year old son (he is a butcher), a 21 year old daughter(a nurse) who is my favorite person in the world. Her boyfriend got out of the Marines about 6 months ago so he has moved here to be with her. He did a tour in Iraq and was stationed of the coast of Japan for a while and he was based out of California so they have had a long distance relationship for a while. I also have a 15 year old son who plays baseball all year and plays guitar. He has decided to join a school club that deals with tobacco issues. and he is planning on going to Law school. We have a little yorkie named Jazzy who is spoiled rotten.

I work full time as a Pharmacy tech in a very busy store. When my kids were little I did home daycare and that was my most favorite job. My husband is an Inventory Control Specialist for a paper company outside of Boston. I love to read and shop(too much). I just found out that I'm diabetic (my mom was too) so I am trying to eat right and exercise and keep that under control. My mom passed away Jan 13 2007 after 4 months of fighting sclc. She and my dad were married for 50 years. I have 2 sisters(both older) so my dad was surrounded by women. As a family we have been lucky and not had to deal with too many illnesses or deaths so this whole lung cancer thing just hit us so hard.

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Hi! I'm Ellie. I lost my sister to lc 11/06 and still having a rough time of it. My Hubby of 30 years and I live in Mt. Airy, NC (aka "Mayberry", I kid you not!). We moved here 5 years ago from Washington DC area where we lived for 26 years. Love living in a small town. We have one son, 24, who works in D.C as an art director in an advertising firm.

I own a small business "Seasonal Plantscapes" which keeps me busy as a floral designer. Just returned from visiting my Dad who lives in Florida and has Alzheimer's disease. I have a wonderful brother and sis-in-law who live near Dad's Alzheimer care facility. Dad is 87, and we have agreed NOT to tell him that his oldest daughter died in November.

I feel fortunate to have found this website and "met" so many wonderful people. Ellie

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