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I'm Home From Hospital


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Hello! Thought I'd bring you all up to date about what has been happening to, with and for me the past couple of weeks. My last entry was meeting with Dr. Wood of the U of Washington Medical Center and the scheduling of my lung surgery for 3/22. Well, met with the surgical team and everything was good to go....ooops not so fast! Needed a cardiac consult and release for surgery. Neither my cardiologist nor the only other cardiologist locally could get me in before the surgery date so off I went looking for an alternative cardiologist. Found one at the hospital my daughter works at, got in 2 days later, took all the tests, passed and good to go for real this time!

On 3-22, I checked in and waited for my number to come up. Had managed to score a bumper sticker from a lumber guy reading, "Wood is Good" (my doc's name is Dr. Wood) and had the surgical nurses tape it to my incision site and it brought the desired result. Laughter just prior to the incision and a relaxed mood for my slumber. I later awoke to the news that it was a successful surgery. Only the upper left lobe had to be removed, the mass was gone, the lymph nodes all looked good but one was sent for pathology along with the other goodies. My "scar" will be minimal, it is actually an amazing sight to see. I was regularly attended by a pain management team approach, respiratory care team, a superb nursing staff and the dignity and care expected from such a quality medical center. So, all in all, I have gone from death's door in the initial local diagnosis to a future I'm am anxiously looking forword to. I may be jumping the gun at the moment cuz' we're still awaiting the pathology report on our first post-op meet and greet next week. But right now, I've been blessed. Gotta go rest now everyone but I am very happily ensconced right now in my home king sized bed with my dear hubby and getting set to watching a movie with buttered popcorn! Number 1 and most important thing to take note of: If for any reason other than to just do it - GET A SECOND OPINION or keep going until you AT LEAST feel comfortable with who you are dealing with and WHO IS DEALING WITH YOU! Gone are the days where we were taught that doctors were Gods and we were just to accept their words as the God's written rule. We have choices now. Of course one of those choices is to accept whatever is told to you. Personally, if I had made that choice, I think I'd be dead before this time next year. Lucky me, I made a different choice. :lol:

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It sounds as if you are doing great! Such good news to hear! I really like the "Wood is Good" bumper sticker idea of yours. Did the doctor get a good chuckle out of that one? So glad things went well and you're back with us.

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It's great to get this update and to hear everything went well!!! I was thinking about you. It is a good thing you went for that second opinion!

You said the scar will be minimal - did they use the VATS procedure on you?

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You do have a great attitude. Great news that the operation was a success.

Just take your time healing and keep us posted on your pathology results.

Good luck, you sound great.

Maryanne :wink:

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