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I notice we have several members AWHP...that is absent without hall pass. Several have not been on or checked in for a long time. If you are lurking but not up to posting just give us a quick "I'm here". If you are in touch with someone that hasn't posted please let us know how they are doing.

Thanks guys.

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We do this because we ca eand worry about you when we do not hear from members. Sending Prayers for all those that need to be here. Thanks!!!!!! :wink:

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I'm here. heading into my 8th week of bedrest. I was so psyched to have lots of lcsc time...until I realized that the position I need to be in to type gives me contractions. d'oh! so I lurk. I spent a week in the hospital trying to convince the little pumpkin to stay put a little longer, and he listened to his mama which is great. Suki is BEYOND psyched for the pending arrival, although we'd all have liked a slightly less eventful pregnancy.

I am in touch with Patkid, not so regularly but enough that I can tell you she's working hard and missing Brian. she's a love, as always.

I couldn't be prouder of the small role I played in getting this amazing NYC walk underway this Sunday, I am just so excited!! $36,000.00 raised and counting! shame I can't go, but it fills my heart to see the response it got.

my heart is broken over Joanie. we had lunch a couple times, and she was truly a shining light in the world.



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Hey Hey Hey. I got on today and posted in the sclc forum.

I then check in on General tonite and low and behold you all are checkin in on everyone!! 8)8)

Doing great-keepin busy-still ned and enjoying it.

Glad to see all the faces on here-Love to all


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I plan on calling NancyB today. A few weeks (3 or 4) back I did see (Bill) icbn on the board, but he never posted. Or at least his User Name was on the board. I know Sandy is out there and once in a while she checks in, I would love to hear from her.

Tina is another one who checks in now and then, and I hope she also is doing well.

I will report on NancyB if I get through. She was having some ups and downs and I just get a little scared calling, but I will do so today. Keep her in your prayers.

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