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Scans........I am so scared!!!


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Well, my mom has made it through her first protocol. It wasn't easy but she did it. It has been such a roller coaster ride of emotion for all. I couldn't wait to have scans to see what the chemo and radiation has done and now that time is here and I am so scared. I feel in my heart it is working but I am so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can please send prayers our way. Mom has her scans May 30th and we get results June 6th.

(That will be one long wait!!!)

I want to thank everyone here. I have found such support and comfort here. I found hope here when I didn't have much!!! Thank you all!!!!

Prayers to all,


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With twice daily radiation for 3 weeks there will most likely be significant reduction in your mom's cancer. She also should do so much better with the chemo now that the radiation is finished. Blessings to you both and I look forward to seeing her positive results.

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Hi Dana

My Dad had a CT scan last week to check to see if the cancer has progressed any since he has been on Tarceva for 2 months.He gets the results in the morning and I am a nervous wreck worrying and hoping that he doesnt have any more bad news. He doesnt deserve this - no-one does. He takes everything on the chin and remains brave for me and my sister - I try so hard to be strong and positive but I know that my Daddy is the strong one !! I pray soooo hard that his disease is stable and that he can enjoy good quality of life. Each time a sacn comes round I get myself in such a state worrying about my Dad - I suppose it's natural !.



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