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I'm not a newby to cancer, only to this site. My only reason for registering is to demonstrate what is possible. Perhaps my experience will provide a little encouragement to others affected by this wretched disease.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV, adenocarcinoma NSCLC in July of 2002. The primary was in the upper lobe of the left lung and metastases were spread to central chest lymph nodes and the brain.

I first had neurosurgery to remove the brain metastases because the edema was causing respiratory difficulties, a seizure-prone condition, blurred vision, loss of certain motor functions, balance, blurred vision, and general incoherence. After a very short recuperative period (too darn short), the upper, left lobe was resectioned (ouch) and a cluster of 6 lymph nodes were removed (2 of the 6 were cancerous).

I had no post-op chemo and no rads...nuttin, zilch, zip-zero, nada.

On-going monitoring via scans/MRIs was initially every 3-months...clear, clear, clear...later every 6-months...clear, clear, clear, and I was declared "NED" in late 2004.

I high-fived a surgeon, hugged a chubby nurse, and had a double martini as an investigative nutritional supplement.

My point to all this: ignore stats. Their best use is for actuarial calculations. Stats are based on years prior historical events that may not apply to today's more advanced medical technology of diagnostics and treatment. Though the odds can look pretty bad on the surface, this stuff can be beaten. I'm living proof because I'm still vertical and above ground.

If you every peruse http://www.acscsn.org, my handle is "nodawgs." Come see me, anytime.

By the way, I also have Stage IV prostate cancer with mets to the bones and recently completed (fall of 2006) cisplatin chemo and rads for Stage III squamous cell carcinoma of the epiglottis, now "NED." I suppose I'm an over-achiever. Thank you, M.D. Anderson-Houston.

Best to you all and havagoodun!

Perry aka "nodawgs"

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Way to Go Perry! :D I'm a stage IIIB Andeo 12 lung cancer survivor. I have friends that are long term over 6 years and are stage IV lung cancer survivors and still going strong and still NED to this day! :D:D:D

Those of us that are long term survivors know all to well that STATS are totally outdated and something NO ONE should read! :shock::roll::wink: But it's always good to make mention of that to all the wonderful new folks here at LCSC that come here talking about statistics.

Okay, I'm sitting here thinking this, so I'm going to toss it out at ya. Do you THINK your a breeding ground for cancer???? HOLY CRAP my friend! Lung cancer, prostate cancer, etc.etc. ENOUGH ALREADY!


Glad you decided to stop by and offer some very much needed HOPE to those that are in the middle of there fight. Not to mention it's very nice to meet you.

I'm so glad you have survivied it ALL! :wink: What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Come back and visit from time to time.

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I saw your log in a couple of months ago. I am glad you came back. I think you will enjoy this site. I still go back to others sites every day. There are old friends back there like you and Don. I really have started that email. going to go work on it now.

Ride that HOG!

Stay positive, :)


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I really needed to read this today...so thank you, Perry, for posting it! I LOVE a story with a happy ending!!

Now...I'm patiently waiting to be able to test out that martini philosophy myself (and agrees that extra dirty is the way to go!)

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Guest Kaylei

You are awesome! What an amazing journey you have had!

If you ever travel through Oklahoma City area on that bike can you take me for a "survivor" ride on the back of your bike????

Congrats on beating the beast!!!!!!!!

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