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"Hi to everyone" from Bill...


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Hi everyone,

I was telling Bill this morning about all the thoughtful responses I receive every time I post an update about him. He was so touched.

He said, "I hope you always send my regards to everyone." I had to admit, "well no, not exactly." So here it is. I thought it best to create a new post here rather than have it lost in my own post in the Update section.

He just wants to say thanks to everyone for their support. He wanted to encourage you all to keep up the good fight, to know he's thinking of you all, and to never, ever stop believing in miracles. We haven't seen a miracle of full healing (yet), but boy have we experienced plenty of others.

Oh, and not to forget, a BIG congrats to Aaron!

Bill & Teri

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I am so happy to hear he believes in miracles..we are counting on one too. I remember when I was in the 9th grade my english teacher called me to her desk and showed me my grade. It was an F. I was devastated and knew my Dad would whip me. I went into a closet and got the catechism book,(I was desperate)and read where it said "Ask and you shall Receive." Well, that seemed just what the Dr. ordered. So I read on and it said all I have to do is ask in "Jesus" name and believe it is done. And..just for good measure I added that I will say 10 Hail Marys and 10 Our Father's everynight before I go to sleep. Well, I really did believe he would change my grade. The next day I got my report card and I had a C in English. (Had I known it would work, I would have asked for an A, but I didn't want to push it)I can remember saying 10 Hail Marys and 10 Our Fathers well into college. Of course, now I am up to a full rosary. I promise this is a true story. I guess my point is..you have to believe!! Ask Him for your miracle. He will give it to you!



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I think about Bill often and hope he is doing well. I also believe in Miracles and although I often say to my dad, my chances of living long are generally slimmer than others but I'm not ruling out a miracle as they do happen. Congratulate Bill on his baptism.


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Miracles happen everyday, I pray for one for Bill and ya know Teri I have a good feeling that you will start to see a noticible difference in his physical health.

All the love around him is Priceless and that will help toward his recovery and of course that wonderful attitude of his.

Iam so thrilled that he is doing better and is finally eating!

Continued prayers sent.

Maryanne :wink:

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Teri, so glad to see this post please give your Bill a big hug and tell him I also miss his posts and think of him often. I not only believe in miracles but have decided the best road is to expect a miracle. Where the mind goes, the man follows; we attract our thoughts, etc. etc. etc. Hope all continues on an uphill climb and how glorious it will be when we reach the top.


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