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50-50% chance to survive-Dick

Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

He is still on a ventalator. There are numerous complications which don't help but the bottom line is they are giving him a less than 50% chance to survive. They think he developed an infection at MD Anderson. In addition, due to his weakened lungs, fluid has accumulated OUTSIDE of the lung. He also had some pneumonia. The drs. say it is up to him right now. They are concerned that he is on 100% oxygen and his blood is not getting oxygen. He has had little response to all the antibotics they have given him. Only bright note is that his vital functions - with the exception of his blood pressure - are holding and that his body has not shut down totally. Right now, it's in his hands and God's. Please pray he comes out on the better side of 50%. I love him so.


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((((((((((((((Cheryl))))))))))))))) poor kid, you must be about out of your mind with worry. I hope there are family and friends around you during this horrible ordeal.

I am sending prayers up right now, that you find strength to deal with this, and that Dick find the strength to fight. Being ventilated is rough on a person.

You know we are all with you 100%. Try to take care of yourself too.

Will continue to keep you and Dick and the rest of our "family" in my heart and prayers.

Da^^n this lousy disease....




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