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The gift mom never received

Nick C

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PS - Also to weigh in on passing on a name - Nick, maybe if you have a girl, consider using your Mom's name as a first or middle name. My daughter has my mom's name as her middle name (given when my mom was still alive), and I treasure it every time I say or write my daughter's full name, especially now. Our oldest son has my husband's mom's MAIDEN name as a middle name (Gardner). Both of our moms our gone, but their names live in our children. It means SO much.

I know this all a long way off, but thought I would throw it in as a way to remember and honor your wonderful mom...

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Nick I haven't been on here in awhile and the last time think you were vertain about a pregnancy test.

All I can say is I am soooo happy for you both. I am crying right now and I can't even see!! This was meant to be and your mother is a part of it. I truely believe that. There is a reason for everything and I believe "what goes around comes around". I believe that your mother truely wanted this to happen and IT DID!

I lost my boyfriend one year ago today and I met a wonderful man 5 months ago. I believe that Joe sent him to take his place. How else can I explain it?? Just like I believe your mother had a part in this pregnancy!!! She will come through your new born child!

Please forgive me if I am offensive.....I don't know what your beliefs are but I am just telling you what I feel.

Please take care... I always look forward to your posts......hang in there!!

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Congratulation that's great news.

Like I told you before your little one will fill your life with joy again. Of course you are going to miss your mom. Everyday I look at my children and wish to see my mom smiling with me on all the funny things they do. And I am sure that your mom is really excided for you.

Take care!


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Congratulation to you and your wife. This is really exciting news and I am sure your Mom is watching over the three of you. :wink:

Nick, please try to enjoy these wonderful occassions in your life, they are "once in a lifetime" events and if your Mom is like any of us other "moms"... the last thing she would want is you to not be able to fully feel the joy of the miracle that is occuring in your life because of her absence. That, Nick, would break her heart.

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Congratulations! Your baby will one day know who your mom was. Talking about her and what she would have said, done, etc. I have two little ones and I talk about their grandpa all the time. I talk about him watching us from heaven. If I miss something that they did- I say well grandpa saw it and he is so proud! They talk about him often and have a very special relationship with him. I do understand how you feel though. It is so hard. An emptiness in the happiness- but their will be so much more happiness when you look in your babies eyes. Good luck and good wishes to you. Michele

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I'm so happy to see you share the news on here!!

Remember...Mom's are up there talkin' about all the ins and outs of grandparenthood and smiling down, knowing in their hearts that they did all they needed to get US ready to be great parent's, too. :)

It's hard, definately, to look into the eyes of your newborn and NOT be able to say "Look, Mom!" and place the baby in her arms...the hardest thing I've done so far...but the joy and love for your child take hold and you can feel that Mom already has had her hand there, guiding that baby all the way.

Much luck with the pregnancy...and congratulations to you and Keri! I'm SO excited for you!

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Congratulations Nick & Keri. I am so happy for you both. I truly feel this baby is not only a gift from God, but ALSO your mother. She wants you to feel joy again. After all, isn't that what all mothers want for their children? Be joyous Nick, you so deserve it.

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Thanks y'all.

Had such a great moment today.

Keri is ordinarilty skinny...but she reall looked big today (I know...don't say it that way to her) but it was cute. For the first time today she didn't look like keri sticking out her belly, but she looked pregant.

She missed my Mom today and was a little teary. I could tell my mom has been on her mind a lot today.

Anywho, I asked her if she felt like she was bonding with the baby.

And she said "I definitely love the baby." She's told me she loves me a thousand times, and this was so different. And it hit me. I was so lucky to have someone feel the same way about me.

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Yay Nick!!!!!!! I haven't been around this board for quite a while. I am thrilled for you and understand a little of what it's like. My brother and his wife had their first child in May. He didn't seem nearly as excited as I thought he would/should. But now that baby is here, people always say that she's got Mom's eyes or Mom's hands and it's like a little piece of Mom is back with us.

What ever you do, don't beat yourself up with "shoulds". Feel whatever you feel, just don't feel guilty about it.

I'll definitely be checking back in 6 months or so to see your little one.


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