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Effective Laxative and update


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Hey folks,

Just thought I'd pass along my positive experience with lactulose, brand name - Enulose. It works quickly and effectively. I've been frustrated with my previous combo of Colace, Senna and Miralax. With the oxycodone I take and now the Navelbine, constipation has come to the fore.

Sorry my only update in months has to be about poo. I've been ok. Up and down. Took a trip to Virginia to visit my dad and went fishing on his lake. I was looking for small mouth bass but could only reel in a large Crappie which I am told is not that good to eat.

Julia and I are busy planning the wedding. I'm doing a lot of coordinating and tying ribbons on menus and things like that. She's stressin, so I am trying to help as much as I can.

Just trying to keep the faith and keep my chin up. I think about all of you often. I hope everyone is well.


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It's great to hear from you, Aaron, even if it's about 'poo'!!!!!! Glad the wedding plans are progressing. When IS the big day, anyhow? How cn we have a shower for ya, if we don't know the big day? If you already told us, please excuse me for I suffer from CRS disease............Can't Remember Sh#$!!!!!

Love the bows on the menus! I also appreciate the laxative tip!!! REALLY!


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Thanks for the update and info on the Enulose. Just never know when some of these things will come in handy.

How are your eyes? Have you noticed any improvement since being back in treatment?

I think about you often and hope all is well as can be and the wedding plans are going well.

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Weird Aaron, I was just thinking of you the last couple of days as you have not given us an update. So I was going to post to see how you are doing. And walla... you posted.

Glad this treatment seems to be working for you even with the poo. I had to laugh as the fish you caught was called a Crappy, so I guess you can say you were full of... well you know. :D

Anyway you seem in good spirits and helping with the wedding plans. I am sure that is keeping you real busy.

Take care and kmow how much we all care about you. I love your posts, you always add humor to it.

When is the big day?

Maryanne :wink:

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It is so nice to hear from you! I'm happy to hear that you are planning the wedding and keeping your chin up. Keep on Keepin' on is what I like to say. Live each day and enjoy all the beautiful moments. Hope the new medication is working and enjoy the wedding.

Take Care,


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It was good to hear from you, and thanks for the poo advice. :D

(I'm writing down the name of the laxative, because Harry takes pain medication that causes the same type of problem!)

"Crappy" :wink: (Crappie - Craw-pee) is a VERY good fish to eat! If you fillet it, bread it, then stick it in a deep fryer until it's extra crispy, it's really good!

(Now you'll know to try it next time!)

Take care,


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Always good to see you post. Poo is part of Alan's

battle. His Dr. finally found a persciption that

worked for Alan (can't remember what it is right now)

after many diffent remedies didn't work to keep him

on "schedule"

When is the big wedding day??? I will be anxiously

waitng for pictures to be posted.

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We use Glycolax. He puts 17grams in his coffee every day and for him, it's a miracle drug. He has said to me quite often, you don't know what it's like if it have never happened to you, but constipation can be horrible if left unattended.

Ok, that's enough talk about poo-poo for me.

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