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Don M

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I had a chest ct scan with contrast to take a closer look at my pneumonia and mediastinum. The chest ct scan was done about a week after the PET/CT scan. I notice that the CT report refers to the feature in my right lung apex as a loculated right apical pleural fluid (related to the pneumonia I think), which I think is the feature that the PET/CT scan refers to as a hypermetabolic nodule. So, maybe I have no new disease.

Also, the ct scan listed nodules in my liver, middle lobe and lower lobe that are highly likely to be metastatic but they don’t light up on the PET/CT scan and except for 2 in the liver, are all less than 1 cm. I think all of these features were noted in ct scans done in 2004 and 2005. After 2005 I started having PET/CT scans and these areas have never lit up. Borderline swollen lymph nodes were noted. There was nothing new at the mediastinum. I have had some borderline swollen nodes for years. The radiologist who did my chest ct report never had access to my 2004 and 2005 ct scans. I see the docs at Swedish on the 17th. They can help me sort through all of this. I am going to take in all my 2004 and 2005 reports and maybe the old scans too.

I still may have progression of the big tumor and I have just about made up my mind to have systemic treatment. I see Dr. West on the 17th and if he encourages me to do systemic treatment now, I will do it.

Don M

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Once again I come with nothing less than the very best wishes for you, Don. You are like a ninja warrior ~ only much, much cuter :wink: . You know what I tell you over and over and over all the time ~ you are just remarkable with your handling all that comes your way. I'm waiting for the post where you FINALLY get to say something like this.........all issues appear to be resolved!!!! You SO deserve to hear those words, Don.

In the meantime, here come my prayers ahd positive vibes to join with all the others to carry you through.


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Hi Don,

I hope that the radiologist is talking about old stuff that's been there for a long time. I think they tend to do that. I had a crazy call from a radiology tech right after I got home last spring from my annual ct and surgeon's visit who looked at my CT and declared it as fine.

They wanted to know if I was getting mammograms yearly!!!!! Because they saw irregular tissue in my left breast!!!!! I said yes, as a matter of fact I had breast cancer surgery in that area in 2001 and didn't they see surgical markers, etc. And I just had a mammo less than two months ago, are you saying I should get another one? Of course, the clerk who called me with that news only had the message to deliver and had no other information.

Now I've become a raving lunatic, and I make a frantic call back my doctor, who confirmed that nothing had changed in the past year, so what they are looking at is old news and nothing to be alarmed about. But talk about stopping your heart!!!!! What is wrong with those people?????

Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your post, I guess what I'm trying to say is sometimes those people don't look at the old films, even if they do have access to them.

My lymph nodes were also "borderline enlarged" at diagnosis, but were negative when tested through pathology.

Anyway, good luck to you with Dr. West on the 17th. I'm confident he'll help you get this sorted out.


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