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Thank you


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I wanted to take a second to thank some very special people here.

Katie, for holding this place together, and for always being here for everyone. (That's a hard job).

Randy, for always answering my questions, and for the Avitar he has with his posts. It always makes me smile.

Laurie, for holding my hand ~ 60 miles away. :wink:

Liz13 ~ You're very special. You go visit everyone when they're at the cancer center here, and that's a very unselfish act. Even though we spent most of our phone conversation to each other saying "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?", :wink: , it was nice of you to try and include me.

Ned, Ernie, Don.. you've been so helpful in explaining to me how to try and understand what Harry is going thru, and why he may feel the way he feels at times.

Treebywater, thanks for answering my posts, and for having that beautiful picture of the babies sitting on the beach!

Debi (Welthy), Nyka, Bobbi and Teri~ You're an inspiration to me. You guys have got your "stuff" together!

Jackie, you're like an angel! I always learn something from you. Your posts humble me.

Wendy and Ann, a special thanks to you too.

This Board has been a lifesaver. I know I've missed some folks, and it wouldn't be the same here, if even one of you didn't participate, so thank you to everyone.


Duh~~ This was supposed to be in the General topic area, not the "test" area!!! LOL! Anyway, Harry is having a scan on the 26th.... the last one covered by our insurance policy, (our insurance ends this month, yikes)- so please say a prayer for good results.

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Post anywhere as long as we can see


Life is a two way street, you give and

you take and for me that is what this

forum is about......(I hope).

Prayers will be there for Harry on

October 26th, those are special tests

prayers, very different than daily




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Thanks to whoever "magically poofed" this to the correct topic area! :D


I don't have a clue what we're going to do when the insurance is gone.

I've applied for everything, but it seems we make amounts like "$16" a month too much for some things, or Harry made too much money LAST year, (that's a laugh in itself!!). There's one State program that will help pick up a few things, after we pay an enormous amount first.

I did speak with a woman at the cancer center where Harry gets his treatment, and they've assured me that he will continue to be taken care of, no matter what, so I was so thankful for that.

It will work out somehow, as long as we're doing everything we can.

Take care,


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Nova...You're very special to us, too. I always admire the grace and courage you have shown while helping your husband fight this battle. Please know that I will be remembering both of you and saying lots of special prayers for good test results!!!

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