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I'm still here


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I have to apologize to all of you who watch out for my posts to make sure I'm still going. And yes Connie B I am one of the hiding survivors. I forget things really easy after the stroke and by the time I get around to remembering it I'm doing something else. Gets me in trouble with the wife alot because I forget what she asked me to do. It has been hectic here. We bought a house and got all moved in finally. Pretty ambitious for a man with cancer.We are out of the city now and in the country. Nice and quiet with lots of room. My last set of blood work showed my hematacrit up to normal. The doctor was pretty impressed.Cat scan of the head shows some swelling on the brain so it's back on steroids. Don't know if the cancer is back there or just a side effect of something else. The lung tumors are holding stable as of the last x-rays. Will get some more next week and see if the Tarceva is still working.

Hope each and everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and that your blessing continue on through the Holiday seasons and beyond. We fight the good fight, sometimes we win and somtimes we lose but no one can say we didn't try.


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It is good to know you are doing ok. I too made a move with my husband and left our support group behind in the hopes that life would be better here and no reoccurance of cancer. It is challanging and exciting to start over in a new town and house. I admire your spirit and wish you lots of joy in your new home.


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Hey Ralph,

It's okay to hide now and then, but it's GREAT that your still SURVIVING! :wink: (((RALPH)))

You've been very busy. That's a GOOD THING!

Totally understand that "memory" thing you talk about. After 4 major surgeries, my memory keeps getting worse. So, what were we talking about? :roll::wink:

I hope the swelling goes down soon for you. And it's good to hear your lung tumors are still STABLE! Well Keep my fingers, toes and anything else I can cross that all will come out fine for you next week.

Your new place sounds very inviting. ENJOY my friend. It's the RIGHT THING TO DO! :wink:

I'll be waiting to see your update message next week. :wink:

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So good to hear from you, Ralph.

Sometimes, we just need to get away and be quiet for a while. I think quiet times energize our souls!!!

One of my favorite sayings is......

One Day in the Country is Worth a Million in Town

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