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Harry's having a Bone Scan done. (his first)


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Harry's going to be having a bone scan done on Wednesday.

He's been having pain in his left shoulder and ribs for about a month now.

He's never had a bone scan done before, so does anyone know anything about it? How long it takes, is it painful, do they use any sort of injected medication, (like for CT Scans)?

I realized this morning, that this time last year, is when Harry first started going to the doctor with rib and chest pains, and was finally diagnosed at the beginning of January. Where has the time gone?


Thanks for any information. Hope you're all having a good day.


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Thanks Don. They did tell him that he will be there for a long time the day of the scan, but that also includes an appt. in the afternoon with the Oncologist.

(I wonder if they will have the results of the bone scan done that quickly???)

Thanks for writing.


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Hello Nova,

This link might help:


I pretty much says it all. Bill had a bone scan done a couple of times and it's painless. He just doesn't like lying on the hard table. Harry will get an injection and he'll have to drink some liquid then wait 1 to 3 hours for the test. I'm praying real hard for a clean scan.

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I just had one. They injected me with something nuclear. Then I had to wait at least 3 hours. I ended up waiting more, but I was in the hospital at the time. The scan itself was like a CT. DIdn't take long at all. Then they wheeled me over by the computer and I watched it come up. It was cool. And she told me she didn't see anything. So the results are instant. I'm praying that all is clean. Dr. West has an article on Bone mets that Randy posted the link too. Do a search here for bone mets and find the link. Hugs to you and Harry, Liz

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Thanks Everyone, for the prayers, and the information.

Harry had asked me about the scan, so now I can tell him a little about it. (At least he'll know it's not painful).

I'm so glad to hear that the results are available quickly.

If it's just a little spot, maybe they can zap it and get rid of it ASAP. Hopefully it's not a Met . He had bone and joint pain once before, when he had lost so much weight, so hopefully that's what it is again. (fingers crossed).

Thank you.


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My memory if it was get the injection, wait 2 or 3 hours, get scanned which I think took 45 minutes to an hour. NO PAIN just boring! You just lay flat on your back and everything moves around you. But, remember I had mine over 6 years ago and they may have updated them some since.

Sending Positive vibes for good results.

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Had a few of them

and injection first,

wait for the liquid to ciculate in your body

minumum two hours

the scan the table is cold and hard

they may put some music for him

the scan itself is not long, but no moving

at all, just breathing

result are fast same day.

Prayers on the way for Harry

Hugs for you


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Hi Nova-

I just had one on Thursday since I, too, was having pain in my rt lung area so they wanted to make sure it wasn't my old rib met getting worse.

My appt was at 10:30 when they injected me with a radioactive tracer material. Then, the scan itself was not until 1:30 because they need to wait until the injected fluid has begun to process thru your kidneys. Couldn't leave til I pee'd. You lay on a table and a flat metal square comes down and it moves, not you. They did take a couple of extra views of my rib area. And.....before I could get home there was a message on my machine to call my onc for the results - which turned out to be negative.

No pain, no claustrophobia like in a MRI - just boring waiting those 3 hours!!

Will be praying for good news!!

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Hi Nova,

Alan has a bone scan every year (had one about a month ago all clear)

There is an injection and then they let us leave and

come back in 3 hours. Only thing Alan had to do was

drink lots of water. I think it helps the "stuff"

circulate through the body better. I was allowed in

the room whan Alan was getting scanned. The machine

moves ver very slow and you can see a picture of the

body come up on a screen as the scanner moves along

the body. Pretty cool. Alan's Dr. had results same day.

Lots of prayers for clear scans. Please keep us posted.

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