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My scan results are in........

Patti B

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Oh my God!!! I was soooo scared!!! I have had a headache every single day for a month - how could it not be a met??? The doc even said that he doesn;t even have cancer and he would have been freaked out. He wants me to go to have my eyes checked (I think thats a stretch but who knows) and then he will send me to a "headache" guy to see if they can figure out what is going on. But there are NO mets whatsoever. Since we are having a bit of a blizzard here today, he said so many people cancelled and they are so slow that he and another doc both looked at the actual films - nothing but a BEAUTIFUL brain!!!

And the pain that I have been having in my lung area they still feel is muscular in nature - maybe caused by the Alimta!!! I told him I can handle it if it means no progression. He told me 3 different times -there is NO progression.

I cannot thank each of you enough for the thoughts and prayers for me......it was bad enough being scared and not being able to tell my hubbie or my son or any of my family that I was going to have a scan. Only my 1 girlfriend knew. Then yesterday, scan day, it was minus 15 wind chill here. Schools closed and all. I go into my garage to leave to get my scan, turn on my car, and guess what - THE BATTERY WAS DEAD!!! Fortunately, my neighbor took me to my moms and she let me borrow her car (told her I had a dentist appt). Then still had to deal with AAA coming and jumping the battery so I could get to the battery store. So I was so stressed at that point that I thought my head would explode. Had it not been for all the well wishes from everyone - don't know what I would have done. Thank you all again so much!!!

So now, no more scans for 9 weeks - whew!!! As Bucky would say - back out on parole!!!

Love you all - I am doing the happy dance tonight!!!

Patti B.

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Isn't parole just WONDERFUL?????? No kiddidng, Patti, I'm just thrilled at such great news! Could your headaches be stress due to worry over scans? Just wondering. I, too, was convinced my headaches were met related. But as you were, I was so pleaantly surprised to hear I had nothing upstairs :roll: !!!!

This most certainly calls for some serious Pub time. What'll you have? For you ~ anything on the house.


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Oh Patti. I have been checking for your post many times today as well...and hoping and praying. This is awesome news.

Sorry about your adventures with cars...I can sympathize as used to live in weather such as yours.

Drink away girl...I will be pouring one for myself and toasting your good news. We are sisters in good news today. I will be posting mine next.

I am so pleased for you, your son and your hubby.


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HI All -

Just thought I would post an update since I did talk to my hubbie last night and as you know, I had not told him in advance that I was having a scan.

We were having some terrible weather here (tons of snow and then freezing rain on top of it) and he drove from PA right thru Ohio to Indiana and called me as he was stuck in an ice storm. He was complaining away about the weather and I just told him - so, do you want some news to brighten your day? So I told him the good news and the first words out of his mouth were - You little sh*t - you did it to me again. Then hes yelling oh my god, I have to get off the phone - big accident up ahead. So he called me later from his hotel and I told him see, that would have been the worse time to tell you bad news had you known I was having a scan. He couldn't argue with that too much and said that he doesn't like me hiding things from him but it is my call, I am the one with cancer and he never has been able to tell me what to do and why try to start now!!! :lol:

So I thank you all once again. I will be spending some more time at the Pub tonight if anyone would like to join me. I will be there with Sandra L. (who if you haven't heard is NED) and with Ned from Hawaii who is STABLE again. Ned doesn't know but I am putting some ice cream in his drink to celebrate!! Hope he's not a beer drinker!!!

Love ya all and am hoping and praying for some of the others who are waiting on results (Susan and Mitchell to name 2) that their moms will get excellent scans.

Hugs- Patti B.

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