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Hi All,

My hubby has taken a turn for the worse. He'd done 2 weeks of chemo, with minimal side effects. Last Thursday, the oncologist admitted him to hospital for tests because he was having severe pain when walking or standing. Turns out he has a met on his spine which is putting pressure on the cord. No big deal - they decided to radiate it. On Friday, he had a bad reaction to the oxycontin they gave him. Was struggling to breathe, was totally out of it and didn't eat or drink anything for 2-3 days. On Saturday, they moved him to ICU to put him on a breathing mask (without telling he or I what was going on - boy was he upset!). The docs then tell us that his oxygen is too low, he had pneumonia and if it didn't improve, he had to go on a respirator. In the meantime, his kidneys failed and they had to do dialysis. Now they're telling me has heart failure too! We only came here for back pain! I'm really scared he's not going to leave this place.

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prayers go up andlesings come down! Some times the hospital is the best place to be. He will be very closely watched over. I hada similaar problem with my father last and he is doing fine now! Hang in there keep us posted. Saying prayers an thinking positive..

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My husband had a similar experience a couple of years

ago. We went for a simple Dr. appointment and were in

ICU the same night. If you read Alan's profile it happened early in his DX. He made it and has survive

for 3 years since.

My prayers to you and your husband

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