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Lung Cancer & Quality of Life

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Hi, everyone.

I was diagnosed back in 01/07--my only symptom a mild intermittant cough--only days after having been snowboarding at Eldora with my grandchildren. I quickly became aware of how dismal the survival rates for lung cancer are, but launched myself on a "time-buying" program in which quality of life has always been my top consideration.

I opted for the most aggressive "time buyer" out there (concurrent chemo and radiation) and quickly came to learn the truth of the saying: "If the cancer doesn't kill you, the cure will!" :?

Nevertheless, despite a number of knockdowns, I have managed to bounce back every time and, for the most part, my quality of life has remained high (for example, in between hospitalizations last year, I managed two trips to California: one a "memory" trip with my grandkids to Disneyland, et al; and the other a Mexican cruise with 12 female family members and friends).

In other words, this journey I have undertaken, despite its ups and downs, has been extremely rewarding and I find that I'm generally in a good and optimistic mood, knowing that no matter how or when I go, in the meantime, I've had one hell of a ride for the money! :D

In the meantime--from Boulder, Colorado--a giant thanks to all for having me here!


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Hi Carole, Yep, this journey is full of ups and downs. Get in, hang on tight and away we go! :wink:

I too am a Stage IIIB. Read my profile below. I have a dear friend who doesn't have computer who is the same stage & kind of cancer as you are. He is a 14 year survivor. This can be beat.

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Welcome to our site. I am glad you found us. I hope that the Tarceva holds your cancer stable. My husband was also a stage IIIb and Tarceva was a great time buyer. You should ask about Avastin with the Tarceva, it is also doing great things for lung cancer.


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Hi, Rochelle.

Thanks to you and everyone else for the warm welcome.

As to Avastin, it is not recommended for those of us who have squamous cell type NSCLC (the same has recently become true of Nexavar).

I do still have Alimta as another fall back, although statistically, it only has a 25% chance of working.

The good news is that I'm not a statistic! :D


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