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What a difference 4 years can make :!::!: Sepetember 20, 2004 ~ dx LUNG CANCER :twisted: . The next many months are a blur of appointments, discouraging reports, and deep deperession :? .

Those of you who know my story (My Story forum) may remember that I was given NO hope of surviving more than a few months ~ not even until the spring of 2005 :x .

Thanks to MANY folks at LCSC, I am HERE surviving BIG time. Of course thanks to ALL, but especially Katie and Rick for the website that offered me much hope and life-saving info, Donna G for answering my pathetic cry for help almost instantaneously, mhutch (MaryAnn) for the name of the gifted surgeon who performed magic, ConnieB, Fay A :cry: , and Snowflake who would not let me stay in that deep, dark hole and threw me lifelines to climb out more than once.

Scans are scheduled for October and, although more concerned than usual, I will not let that put a damper on the euphoria of now being a FOUR year survivor!

Like Connie, I wish many of the familiar names who've been MIA would check in. I hope they are out living large and forgetting about lung cancer. To all you newbies, my sincere hope is that in four years you can post your own story of survival. It DOES happen. Thank you.



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Kasey - What a wonderful anniversary. Congratulations. We're as glad as you are that you found us and are still with us.

Strange, but true, the further I get from that first diagnosis the more concerned I am about scans, etc.

How about opening the pub to celebrate the 4 years?


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Oh Sweet Kasey, How well I DO remember the beginning of your journey. The best part of your journey is, YOUR STILL HERE WITH US not to mention all the wonderful support and love you have given to so MANY others. :D And to that I say CONGRATULATIONS on 4 bumpy but Wonderful Years!!!!!!!! :wink:

The best part of these four years is your determination to FIGHT this monster and to BEAT IT!!! You Go GIRL!!!!!

Lets Toast to 4 Years and we'll add a toast to 4 More Years to come, and so on, and so on.................. :D:D:D:D

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Hey Dear Friend!!!

Congrats to you!!!

Life has been so crazy around here with everything going on I have been so out of touch! But, I am so glad that I saw this post!!

You Rock Girl!!

Keep inspiring and sharing!



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Wow, has it been four years already?? Congratulations, Kasey, four years!

I remember when you came (I remember when I came, just can't believe how long it's been...). I am so glad I was part of your support team, makes me feel important for being able to help.

...and those scans? I have more anxiety over them each time. Guess I feel I was lucky and that someone "Up There" might notice I'm still here and revoke my hall pass...cynical, huh? :wink:

Here's hoping you're still flying under that radar, too!



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Kasey I am so glad you came here and we got to meet you. Mary Ann had shared her story and that fact helped you. Now you share and I am postitive you have helped many more.

Yippee, 4 years , what a wonderful celebration!!!!!!!!! Having got this far I am sure we will enjoy many more years of your survival celebrations. :D:D:D:D :

A smile for each year.

Donna G

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Many congratulations on your four year survivorship anniversary! I remember when you first started coming around too, and I'm so glad to know that things are going good for you!

I'm afraid I don't have any words of wisdom on getting thru scan time without some craziness. I'm the queen of worry during the month preceding my scan, but having xanax handy (maybe not even taking it, just knowing it's there) does help me I guess.

Doing non-stressful things to keep busy also helps me a lot. Other than than, nothing makes it better except passing by that day.

Keep us posted and you will be in my thoughts throughout October.


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I have no idea how I missed this post, but I'm here now to help you celebrate that 4 year mark and to join in the toast to many many more. You wrote a lot about how others helped you , but I would like to thank you for all you have done to support and help many of us. You are one of the special ones Ms Kasey....

Love and Prayers are on the way for the upcoming scans.


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