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Ten years out and still ticking


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:D:D:D Ten years ago today I got up at 5 am and flip-flopped my way across that cold dark parking lot and into the hospital lobby for my thoracotomy. :D:D:D

The husband just gave me a dozen pink roses and a happy 10 year "anniversary" card which he annotated into a cancer survivor card. He said the store was completely sold out of the 10 year lung cancer survivor cards. :)


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Hi Barb,

Congratulations,10 years,this gives so much hope to all of us that it can be done,thanks for sharing,keep right on ticking for many more anniversaries.

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Fancy that store being out of 10 year survivor cards, not much forethought there but your husband sure made up for it. Bless his heart for making your 'anniversary' so special.

I hope you made the most of this special day.


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HI Geri,

Good to see a wee Bristol lass online,why on earth are you on at this time?its 8.30am here in Scotland,so must about 3.00am where you are?Youre not far short of ten years yourself,must have haggis and chips and a glass of Irn Bru,to celebrate when this one comes round,I am nearly two years post dx myself,I so want to be in your league,well done.

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Congratulations and wishes for many many more such anniversaries. Cool move on the part of your husband.

By the way, no joke. Has anyone but me noticed "when I heard you had cancer...." and "Cancer Survivor" cards are already showing up in the grocery store card section. Too bad cancer is getting to be big business but Barbara, maybe soon he'll be able to find one.

Judy in KW

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