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Connie B

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Hi Everyone,

My how time flies!!!!! :roll: On Tuesday I go for my 4 month CT scan to see if that Nodule in my one and only lung is still there, or gone or what ever! If you remember, back in Dec 2003 the CT scan showed it had shrunk from 7mm to 4mm. My Pulm. Doc at that point felt it might be a fungus infection, and not cancer, and we would watch it and see what happens. He also said, being it was/is soooooo small it probably would calcify and just not cause any problems,(if it is a fungus). SOOOOO, that's what the scooper pooper is, and we shall see what is going on after Tuesday. I'm sure I won't hear anything for at least a few days after the scan.

I'll let you know when I hear! :wink:

God Bless All,

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Isn't that something how we ALL are wishing it will be FUNGUS and hopefully gone???? :lol::lol::shock: Truth be known, Fungus isn't a great thing either in the lung, but for some reason it doesn't scare the begezzes out of me like that word CANCER does! Come-on FUNGUS! :roll::?:wink:

Thank you all for your love and support. I am grateful to be a part of this board, and I am THANKFUL to have all you wonderful people in my life.


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Here's to continued shrinkage, or better yet, there is nothing there. It will be gone and no more stressing over these darn tests. I hate having to think about the test results. It is such a stress on us. I will be praying real strongly and special prayers for you to have clean tests...

God Bless,


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