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Karen334's Report


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I phoned the hospital for a report on Karen and was told that she is doing well.

Bob was to call me but dumb me had a phone off the hook downstairs and did not know it. When he didn't call at 8PM tonight , I picked up a phone to call the hospital but could not get an outside line, so I called the phone company. they told me the trouble was in my home. Went downstairs to find the phone off the hook since 3 pm this afternoon. Now i missed Bob's call.

I phoned their home and left a message and told him to call me again. Will report more tomorrow hopefully.

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I no sooner roported the above when Bob called. He said Karen is doing better then great. She ate a full meal 3 hrs after the operation. She sure does like to eat....the dr said he got all of the tumor about one inch and it was a met from the lung. He is going to send it to Tx for the GVIX vaccine for her.

She will be leaving ICU in the morning. I told him to give her a big hug from all of us.... if i hear anything else i will report it.... nite all you lovely people...this is great news!

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Thanks, Norme,

I called the house early today, but when I still hadn't heard anything I was beginning to worry.

I'm sorry it was malignant, but thrilled that the tumor is being sent to TX for GVAX....just wondering why it isn't being sent to UCSan Francisco. Much closer to UCSF than Texas...

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So glad to hear that Karen's surgery went so well and that she is recovering so quickly. Love the appetite :lol: I too hope the GVAX will do the trick and was sorry to hear it was malignant. Good luck Karen, we all think alot of you.


aka Nushka

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Thank you so very much for posting for Bob and updating everyone. It's true I am turing into a little Miss Piggy. I am just waiting for my Bob to turn green and start croaking at me and chasing me through the house, here comes Kermit with all kinds of good food. This is only temporary, thank goodness...

I truly appreciate all your posts and am on the mend and supporting and praying each and every one of you. May God continue to bless all of us...

When I hear more on the GVAX, I will post and let you all know...

Blessings and Happy Easter,


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