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PET Results

Nancy B

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I have the PET results - my surgeon is on vacation until Monday so I went by and picked up the report myself. Of course, he will have to interpret it but it does say that there is no evidence of distant metastases. I am soooo relieved about that! I did talk to his nurse and she said the next step is to talk to the surgeon to see if surgery is possible as the noldule is very close to my heart. So, I really don't know anything yet.

Fortunately, my neice is getting married this weekend in Santa Cruz so I will have plenty to keep me occupied til Monday. Wedding on Saturday and the Giants game on Sunday - can't wait.

Saying prayers for all of you - thanks for being here!

Love and a hug,


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Hi All,

Just got home from the wedding (a 6 hour drive). It was a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun. The baseball game was nice (my son's girlfriend has season tickets) but, Gail, I'm an Angel fan and have been for many years Yea Phillies! Just nice to be out doing something different.

I should be able to talk to the surgeon tomorrow or Tuesday and figure out what we are going to do. I will for sure let you guys know as soon as I do.

Thanks for all your prayers and I really enjoy hearing from every one of you.

Off to bed and will check in tomorrow to catch up on everybody.

Love and hugs,


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Glad to hear you had a great weekend. Here's praying that the surgeon will be able to remove the nodule. Always in my prayers. I hear from Lisa O and we are still trying to do dinner for Thursday, May 20th. I'll PM you as soon as I hear from her. We have been playing phone tag. It will be in Anaheim, Angel country...

Blessings and hugs,


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