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Good news for Mom!


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After 6 rounds of chemo, it was time for radiation mapping-with that came a CT scan for mapping purpose and to see what was going on...I've know it was good news for a while but I need to see a faxed copy before I believe anything!

It reads "The mass in the right upper lobe has essentially completely disappeared....substantial decrease in mediastinal lymphadenopathy with a residual 1 cm lymph node...lungs are well expanded and clear".

How's that for my 83 year young Mom who actually misses her "chemo" friends already-time to make friends in the radiation waiting room. Radiation (which had to be taken after chemo due to her age :( ) is due to start as soon as those platelets cooperate! She even went and hired herself a driver (a 70 something youngster from town) for the radiation appointments while she feels ok, she didn't want the family or her friends breaking up their day. Nice to see her take control and have her independence. She's quite a hoot. When I grow up I want to be just like her!!!

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Oh, Nancy.....what terrific news!! I told you...your mom is my inspiration...my hero! Bless her heart...if she doesn't have a winning attitude, I don't know who does!

To know that the chemo worked so well is fabulous....and I bet she'll make it thru radiation just fine, too!

Tell Mom I'm sending her a high five and an "Atta girl...you rock!!" :wink:

I wanna be just like your mom when I grow up too!! 8)

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Thank you for all your kind congratulations. If you knew her you would be kept afloat...I do have to share one small story that just sums her up...During her initial period during diagnosis she shuttled back and forth from doctor to xray to scans to oncologist. Each time she was handed a clip board and asked to fill in all the history. This got old quick. In the oncologist's waiting room the nurse once again came over and asked this demure 80 something to fill out the paperwork. She sighed loudly, so everyone could hear, and says " All I want to know is...am I having a boy or a girl????" My brother was mortified, but Mom broke the ice, and quickly became an office favorite with the staff and all the patients. (You've got to understand this woman has had a heart attack and stents, pacemaker implanted, a perforated colon during a colonoscopy, weeks in icu while septic, a colostomy, a colostomy reversal and now this CA, all in a matter of 3 years) So gang, chin up, and make the best of what is dealt us even though it sure is not what we planned.

God bless us all!

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Your mom sounds like a lot of fun. I am seeing visions of "Driving Miss Daisey."

When John was taking chemo there was a little old lady that came one day wearing a tall striped "Cat in the Hat" hat. Everyone cracked up. She said. "Hey if I'm gonna lose my hair I might as well have some fun."

Keep posting mom stories :P

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