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It's back................

Remembering Dave

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Hello, all. Turns out I did not have a simple case of Bonkitis on my right eyebrow like we were all hoping for. I saw my ENT Doc. who operated on my sinus and did a bone biopsy and she said that the path came back as small cell cancer met' from my SCLC. Darn it all. My Onc's office and radiologist office is just right accross the street so Karen and got copies of the Path. report and went strait over to my Onc's office and he saw me right away (well after an hour or 2 wait, but still pretty good same day!!) He was visibly upset that it had come back and we are going to start chemo as soon as possible and then I will have radiation. He is talking about putting me on Cisplatin and CPT-11 this time. I will have to have my port re-installed.......darn it all!!!!! I had it removed just a little too soon. This is just another bump and something we have to deal with. No problems, only solutions. I will beat it this time just like I did before, with many prayers and support from everyone and many listenings of Shostakovich's 5th symphony and Imagry.

David C

This is Karen. Darn it all is right. Dave didn't mention passing out in the ENT's office. not from the news, but she ran some instruments up his nose to remove the packing and hit some nerve (she said it happens all the time, not to worry) and he got really hot and sweaty and his eyeballs rolled back and he passed out for a second. He was OK, though.

YEP, across the street to the oncologist's office we marched. well, actually, we got in the car . . . anyway, they were great there, and even pulled up my mom's info while we were waiting. My mom is supposed to see an oncologist from the same group, different office, but I didn't like him AT ALL (arrogant) AND he can't see her until August. So the gals there said they'd get her in to see Dr. Schwarz, Dave's oncologist, sooner, like in the next week or so, and frankly he is so great and so kind and as you can see, so quick to act, that made me feel alot better. So now I get to see our dear Dr. Schwarz alot, ha!

This just totally sucks on Dave, what can I say, we were shocked, but the ENT doc said some things that on reflection made me realize that she KNEW when she was working on him last Thursday that it was cancer. She said the tumor was actually pushing the duct closed that drains from that sinus cavity which was causing back up of fluid which caused an infection, but that the bone in and around the sinus cavity is very porous like a sponge and she could see growths of cancer tissue in the little holes as well. She mentioned the little holes after the surgery last week. But that's not important, I respect her for waiting for the pathology before saying anything about it.

I don't know what else to say, I'm really floored, and am trying to work but can't focus . . .


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Dave and Karen,

I'm stunned--but glad to see there is already a plan.

Cisplatin--make sure you drink lots and lots of water and take the anti-nausea meds faithfully before the nausea starts. It is hard on your kidneys, so you need the water, and I faithfully took zofran every 8 hours for 3 days after treatment, and barely had any nausea. I worked through my chemo most days. Didn't have your other drug, so I don't know about that, but cisplatin I know. Be aware of buzzing in your ears and numbness in your hands and feet--that's a side effect too and let the nurse know if that happens--

good luck, good luck, good luck to you both.

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Ok, you have us all behind you, and if you need to hand out any bonkitis of your own, let Becky or Fay know, lol.

I soooooo didn't want to hear this news. Dang, dang, and double dang.

Sending you a ton of fortitude.


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Suck a duck :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

That said, I AM glad that you made him check out the pain Karen. Can you i magine if you ignored it! It is so important to be in tune to your body and thank g-d you had it checked!

I just checked your signature, thank goodness in May 2004 the PET was clear, that was so recent. HOPEFULLY some chemo will just knock this right out!

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Aw, crud and a bunch of other words. :(

David...Karen....you guys will beat this again, just as you said David! I'm sorry you have to go back on the chemo/rad routine...but if that's what it takes...then so be it.

I wish this had been just simple bonkitis or an infection....but I know you'll take things as they come and prevail. I'll be sending up a special prayer for you guys....that all goes well and you knock this thing right out of your skull! Sounds like it hasn't been there long...but it's time now for it to be GONE again!

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