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One Year on Monday!


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I just wanted to tell you that it's David's one year survival anniversary and also his 65th birthday on Monday. Yesterday he managed to enjoy a party which our friends gave for him. He even managed to eat , "sausage rolls" and English trifle, (two of his favourite things which I make for him,) although he said they didn't taste quite as good as usual. I am so proud of Dave for the tremendous effort he is making to get well and this goes for all my friends on this board too. Bless you all,


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Woohoo, Paddy. Those sausage rolls sure do sound yummy, and I am so glad that David enjoyed them. Tell David I said HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also tell him HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and I pray that he will have many, many more of both to celebrate. (P.S. I sent you another PM).



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Thank you Geoff, I'm sorry I assumed you were Malinda's husband!

You certainly have a very loving and caring Girlfriend there!

Yes, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding was one of our favourites. I left England when I was seven however we took the tradition with us to Africa, and Roast Beef was a popular Sunday meal there too,(with roast potatoes of course!) Now , what do you think of Cottage Pie..my husband loves it?!


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