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First of all let me say how happy I am to hear your great news!! whew!!! I do understand how you feel when you said about feeling guilty though. I had a small pea size thing in one breast . This was during my Brother's cancer and the fact that my Sister had had breast cancer the year before. I can honestly say I didnt care if it came back cancerous and when it was just a cyst I felt kind of bad telling my Brother and Sister that. How rediculous is that?? When I think back I know neither of them would have wanted me to have cancer because they did. They loved me and were praying I was okay. I loved them too and didnt want them to suffer alone. Not logical thinking I know but I do know what you meant when you said that. We love you Shelly and are all celebrating in our hearts tonight that you are okay. You will help your Sister ( who I had the pleasure of meeting today on this board) through her trials and she will be okay too... I just know it!! Praise God !!

God Bless You Shelly,


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I don't know how I missed this post. First off (((Shelly))) a big happy hug for you sweetie! Second a Happy Dance for you too. Third please don't apologize for having such good news, you deserve that and so much more. The strength and dignity you have diplayed over all the months I have been on this board has inspired and amazed me! I am so thankful for this good news and I know your sister is thrilled that you will be there to help her through this whole cancer thing till she comes out cured on the other side of her fight. You are special woman Shelly and deserve every bit of good news you can get!



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I am so happy for you and your good news. There is no way you could go through this yourself and still help your sister, so maybe that is why it was just meant to be. Please don't appologize about posting good news. We all want to hear good news and you have been through enough. You deserve some good news.


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Shelly you have been in my thoughts. You deserve good news and I'm sure your sister is very happy for you. You will be there to support her when and if she needs you. That is a blessing to her. As for the people on this board I think we are all ready for some good news for a change. Bless you girl now go celebrate. Lillian

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Thank goodness!!!!

It's about time you got some GOOD news!

I haven't logged on in a couple months for several reasons, but Geoff has been lurking (and, on occasion, posting) and keeping me abreast of how everyone has been doing--so you, and your family, have been in my thoughts.

I was truly scared to read your post...

I am so very happy for you.


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