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new guy with a friend


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Welcome Joe-

Only old enough to remember some of it BUT watched alot of TV and saw it there.

I remind my children of days prior to: color tv, when computers were the size of a small building, in a/c rooms and special clothes were required to ever. No cell phones, no cordless phones, no DVD's, No CD's, when a lunch box came with a thermos and you used it. Only wealthy people had more then one TV, when children shared bedrooms, when you only owned one car, when day care was at the bowling alley while Mom bowled with the other ladies. Before chicken McNuggets were invented. Gingham check was the thing to have, dome umbrella's. I'm sure there are lots of others that I can't think of right now (remember I was born in 1967).

Glad you are here Joe and welcome!

Check out my beret!

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Welcome Joe,

I remember them all. I forgot about waiting 5 minutes for the TV to warm up. I remember getting yelled at for flipping the dial. If you did it

to hard you broke the teeth on the tuner. They were the good old days.

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hi joe,

welcome, and thanks for the link...i'm 26 years old, yet i can remember a lot of that stuff (man, i feel old! :lol:). i used to have a rotary phone that my family rented from the phone company. remember those days? thanks once again for the memories. i pray that you are doing well.

God bless,


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Hi Joe and WELCOME!

Thanks for the memories. I remembered them all except P.F. Fliers and Beanie & Cecil. I don't remember what/who those are. The main thing I remember about those ice cube trays was the only way to get the ice out was to run water on the tray and your fingers would stick to the trays. LOL!

Thanks for sharing that!


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Hey, guys

I am pleased to introduce my good buddy, Joe. JoeBug

He is a wonderful guy like you cannot believe...

He has given me words of empathy and wisdom and can HIT

It on the head with just a few words that are poignant.

If you get a chance, his story is on Caring Bridge. You can access it through his profile. That should take you to his amazing journey of faith hope and courage. And a few good pictures...Joe dressed in drag. Joe's nudie picture going down the water slide... :wink:

He is a blessed man. Just ask him.

Love to you, Joe, Leisa and Hailey. I am glad we found each other.

Together WE Heal....right, Joe?

Cindi o'h

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