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I Rang the Bell!


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Hi everyone,

Today was my 10th and last whole brain radiation treatment! I got to "ring the bell" to signify that I'm done!!!! :lol::lol: The tech's were all really nice and took pictures and made it feel like an accomplishment.

I am feeling extreme fatigue, but I guess I did ok. My head feels swollen and I take Advil for the pain, but starting Sunday, I get to start weaning off the Decadron, so I'm hoping that alone will make me feel better. Just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this worked. I'm looking forward to just sleeping for the next few days, with no hospital appointments to have to get up and go to.

I've been keeping up w/everyone, just not up to posting too much.

Guess I'll be shaving the old head in the next couple of days..... :cry:


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Hey TAnn,

Is that why I have been hearing ringing sounds in my ear, it was YOU ringing the BELL?!! :P What an accomlishment! GOOD JOB!

You'll be feeling better in a week or so, if not SOONER! Let it run it's course and you'll be just fine. Rest when you feel the need. That is important. Don't push yourself. It'll call come to you in due time.

Congratulations on your Completing Radiation. That is a reason to celebrate.



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Oh, man...it must have felt good to "ring out" of wbr...huh? I'll be starting 13 days of PCI in November...and am sure I'll be ready to ring out of that too, when the time comes.

Sleep in....enjoy not having to get up for anything medical...and I hope you're off the 'roids and feeling good in no time! (I know when my lung radiation was over...those first couple of days of NOT having to put on my face to go out in public were a GIFT! :roll: )

Hope you'll soon be up to posting more and while we won't have hair in any Christmas photos this year, TAnn.....there are worse things, eh? :) We can just grab a bow off a present and stick it to our bald heads....and we'll be the most festive ones in the pictures, right? 8)

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TAnn, So glad to hear from you and that you accomplished your treatments. That is cute....ringing the bell. I am glad that you had good techs. I did too. They all gave me a "diploma" signifying the end of treatment. They all signed it with well wishes and encouragement to come back for a visit. I went back at the end of my one year, and got a big hug from everyone including the biggest from the rad onc doc...sweet.

I will keep praying for you, TAnn, that this rad will give you swift and complete recovery.

Cindi o'h

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TAnn, I'm so glad to hear from you. I was worried since you hadn't posted much during your treatment time. I know you are just so glad it's over. I remember being so relieved when my husband's WBR was finished. There's just something about the brain radiation that I think just gives us all the willies, and because of that we're thrilled when it's all over with.

Glad you're feeling ok, and I hope the fatigue passes quickly and you are back to normal real soon!

Much love,


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Great Great. Ring those bells. Here in Lynchburg, Va. there is an Awareness Garden that was started by a doctors wife here who had cancer. She had gone to Norfolk and had seen one there and got this one going. It has a long walk with blocks that have been donated by different people. Survivors and non survivors with their names and dates. Has benches (that had to be bolted down for someone stole one. as Rodney D. says "No Respect.") that youcan rest and contemplate or whatever. Also has a dinner bell that is to be rung 3 times if you are a survivor or has family that are survivors. A really neat place. Flowers and all. I told the friend that I went with to the garden that I was going to place a brick and have "Cat Lady" written on it. Love my kitties. A great comfort to me. Marion

P,S. I wrote this earlier but I never could find it. I must have done something wrong.

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