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Phone call with Cat


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Hi all,

I talked with Cat just now and it was wonderful to hear her voice and talk with her. This was our first telephone call and I very much enjoyed it.

She saw her doctor and yes, she has a large mass in her brain. She will be starting WBR (13 sessions) She will then wait a week and then begin another procedure ( I forget what it's called) that pinpoints the mass and works specifically on it. The difference I believe she said was the WBR works on the whole brain where the 2nd procudure or treatment works on the mass itself.

She told her Doctor she was going to move to GA. but he said it could not wait. Cat, will remain living alone going through this. Her Sister from Ohio is going to fly in tommorow and be with her but I dont know how long she will be staying. Cat said she had to beg to get her Sister to come :-(

Please, please say your prayers for Cat. She feels (and she did not mention anyones name) that her biggest supporters on this board have deserted her. That is so sad.

Talking to her, she is this sweet sweet woman who is dealing with all of this the best way she knows how and trying to do it all alone. This board is something Cat has come to for support and friendship I am sure.

She needs us and my heart is invested in her. I want to be there for her and I hope you all will be too. Compassion is what is needed here and I always thought that is what this board showed people who needed them. I will say, I was away when all of this happened but that Cat has not told me anything or mentioned anyone by name in a way that was hurtful. I guess I am asking for this board to give this sweet woman your support, prayers and love.

God Bless You All,


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I think you are a sweet sweet woman.

I wonder, aren't there any resources local for people in this situation? She is a Buddist, don't they have some sort of support system? I rallied my father's church when he was alone in a crisis. There must be some group there that she feels kinship with. What about the local cancer groups?

Just an idea - a phone card might really come in handy for her. I will PM you.


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Jane is an extraordinary person. She only says good things about people, though I think she had tobite her tongue once or twice :) I like her. She is not a gossip. I like that. We are very lucky to have such a compassionate person helping this board. She deserves a lot of praise -- and I mean a lot. I honestly don't think people appreciate how much she helps -- not just money -- but with compassion.

Thank you everyone who has and who is praying for me. thank you all the many compassionate people here.

That tumor is creepy big. It is a wonder I am functioning. Thanks God.

The Buddhist Church is very very small. Sadly some people seem to be there just to say they are Buddhists as though that is the thing to be right now. Buddhism is not a "thing to be". it must come from the heart.


I am still having much problems posting :(

also, whenever I cat-- my name -- it types can't.

boo hoo

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Hiya Cat

Good to see you post! And glad that you were able to talk to Jane. This message board stuff is all well and good, but nothing takes the place of one-on-one conversation. I hope she helped to make you feel better. You're right, we are very lucky to have her.

Continuing to send love and good wishes your way.


PS - I am still having trouble with the site too!!

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It is on a Fri. night and I ran to work to use my computer. I can't post at home, because I spilt coffee on my key board. My web tv is so old I can't find anyone makinf the key boards these days. I have been everywhere. Anyway, just want ed you to know I am saying prayers for you and keeping you close at heart. This treatment will work!



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Dear Cat,

I'm still catching up with everything. Jane was wonderful to post for you -- and let us find out all that was going on. And while I'm sorry that you're not on your way to your daughter's, I'm really relieved that you're being taken care of RIght Now -- it's about time that someone saw the urgency in your case. I hope your sister can stay with y ou for a while; are there people there in a cancer support group that could help as well?

Trust to the medication to help you get through this and know that we're all thinking of, praying and pulling for you.



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