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Remembering Dave

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Here I sit all broken hearted...............Ok, Ok, come on........all of you who have been though anesthesia know what I mean. Oh the joy, ha,ha.

Hello all, here I sit in my hospital room up at 3:00am for my latest pain med dose and can't get back to sleep.

Man talk about a roller coaster. I had a wonderful time week before last when my big sis', Becky CW, and my favorite Uncle flew in to visit for a few days. We had a great time but unfortunately we did not get as much time together as I would have liked because I was just so darn tired and had to nap a lot and go to bed early. I got up Monday and went to get my chemo (the bad cocktail) and felt like total cow kuka (understatement) all week. I have never felt bad for so long after chemo. I survived the week and went in this past Monday for the second round of chemo and got turned away due to low blood Platelet counts. I was sooooooo happy, I promised Karen a nice dinner out since I was going to have a great week and get out and enjoy the weather and life. Well I felt so good I played with Faith a lot getting as many hugs and kisses as I could and well.......dumb move. She had a little bug I think she got from mommy and then I got it from my baby. I got real bad Tuesday night and Wed. morning Karen (bless her heart) took me to the ER. Well, Surprise, surprise Goober, you got fluid around your heart and it needs to be drained. D@MN!!!! So here I sit with a hole in my pericardial sack having drained over a quart of fluid......

over a quart of fluid..........

over a quart of fluid............

over a quart of fluid...............

over a quart of fluid........................

over a quart of fluid.....................................

from the sack surrounding my heart. Let me tell you folks this is scary but thank God for medical miracles like the ability to have this tube sticking out of my chest and giving me the ability to continue my war. They have me pretty well drugged up on percocets and morphine so it only hurts when I get up or sit down, once I am up or down I am fine and can walk around without much pain. I might get the tube yanked out Sat and get to go home on Sunday and plan to be at the Oncs office on Monday to continue with my chemo treatments. The docs seem to all be indicating that I should feel much better with all the fluid drained away and my heart being able to function as intended. I hope so, I feel better now but I know I am high on the pain pills so I do hope they are right once I get home and am back to the "New normal" life.

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers, Thanks especially to Becky CW, my wonderful sister, and my incredible wife, Karen, for keeping you all informed.

Everybody, keep the Faith, remember, God cannot answer the prayers he never hears. My prayers are with you all.

David C

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Hi David,

It's great to see a post from you, but I agree that Karen and Becky have been awesome about keeping us posted on your progress. I hope you have sunny days ahead and can sure understand the desire to "celebrate" when chemo gets cancelled...you sound like my husband, except when they told him he was getting a break, he did the "happy dance" and then they re-thought things upon seeing his burst of energy and decided to infuse him with fluids, Procrit and go ahead and do the chemo....careful how soon you start to celebrate.

Anyway...glad you are feeling better and keeping us all posted in person!

Love and prayers,

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Hope you're feeling better simply because you ARE better....and not just because of those pain meds! :wink:

Time to get back home, relax a little and look forward to a happy Thanksgiving feast with your family, eh?

Great to hear from you....and so happy to know you're getting back to your old self and feeling better! Hugs to Karen too....I know you know how lucky you are to have her!

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Hey David!

Good to see your wonderful face on the board. Stay away from kids...it's a well known fact they will take you down every time. Our cute little Jillinator gave us all a cold that John is fighting now. Thankfully our wonderful GP has Saturday hours and saw him this morning.

Now don't tell Katie B but I gave you a hall pass so you wouldn't get a big fine. :wink:

Take care of yourself and enjoy the drugs while they last.

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David, so glad to see you back, and so glad the drainage was successful. Yep, we can pick up things from little ones -- there is a sign in the place where Lucie gets her chemo that discourages kids from being there because they do carry a lot of things and the people there have lowered immune responses. Well, I'm a big kid, have a cold I'm trying to shake, and trying very hard not to give it to Lucie. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor intact. Blessings. Don

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Hi, this is Karen, Dave is home! I went to see him this morning and our good friend, Beth and her husband Kurt (you know Beth as JustAKid) were there, she and Dave trading war stories, and the surgeon comes in and says hey, man, you want to go home now? And Dave said sure, thinking he meant that in a conversational way, and he says, well, let me yank out this tube and you can go home and we said, seriously? and I started to say, "but, the other surgeon said you had to stay one more day after the tube came out . . . "and Dave looks at me and says SHUT UP, haha, very funny, so the surgeon yanked that tube out right there in front of Beth, Kurt and I and it was wild! and less than an hour we were outta there. It is a fairly new hospital, BEAUTIFUL place, nurses all very nice and competent (very different from my mother's experience in the old hospital) and so from that aspect it wasn't so bad . . . but he was sure glad to be outta there and me too!

Anyway, I didn't have clothes for him, I had taken his clothes and shoes home but brought him pj bottoms and socks and undies but I had on a tie dye tshirt under my shirt jacket so he put on my tshirt and I put my jacket on with nothing underneath and he put on hospital slippers over his socks and off we went. he even went into Kroger like that to get his prescriptions filled. pretty funny.

now, I have to tell my funny Faith story from this morning.

I didn't get to the hospital quite as early as I hoped because, this morning, I got up and was sitting down in the recliner drinking coffee ever so peacefully and I thought I heard Faith get up, but sometimes she gets up and plays in her room, but then a few minutes later I heard her maniacle (sp?) laugh, the one she only makes when she is really up to no good, so I went upstairs to check, and she had gotten up with a diaper full of poopy, went into the bathroom, took it off and then proceeded to use the contents of the diaper to finger paint all over the bathroom and a fair amount on herself. YUK. I was really mad but I think so in shock I couldn't actually get mad, you know? so I grabbed a thing of clorox wipes and started wiping down eveything, including her, with them, filled the tub and stuck her in it and then threw the bathroom rugs and her nightgown in the washer. quite a morning.

Like Dave said, the new normal . . .

God Bless,

Karen C.

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I agree, Dave is doing good and of course has a wonderful attitude about the whole thing.

Of course HE got the real cool hospital (I didn't)!

It was neat being on the other side of the chest tube! I've had two so far and didn't get to see what the Doc was actually doing, that was pretty cool! :wink:

Get better Dave!!!! Neither one of us needs anything else to happen this year!

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Hey, y'll... Can I just say how HAPPY I am that David's HOME?!?!?! Karen called me a little while ago and I just couldn't believe it. I'm thrilled -- I can only imagine how happy THEY are! (And no, I'm not talking about the nurses being happy to see him leave - :lol: )

Happy dancin' in sunny Southern California,


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I had three tubes, wonder why? Those tubes didn't hurt as bad as the two in my ribs from the lung surgery. I can't believe you got to go home so quick!!! Glad you are home. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. I bet you are feeling so much better with those puppies out of your chest. Sending you all cyber hugs and well wishes,


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David! Are you sure you want to be home from the hospital so soon??? :wink: What a story Karen. It's nice to hear David is home and doing better. Hope that fluid stays away -- it doesn't sound like fun at all. Take care David, Karen, Beth Kurt, Becky, and anyone else helping out with the David C guy.

David P.

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Dave and Karen,

I am so happy that you are home. I hope things go well for you and you get some pain free rest. It sounds like you have gone through an ordeal. Tell us again how many quarts of fluid they got? 8) You two are always in my prayers and tonight it will be a prayer of thanksgiving for your homecoming. Get well quickly.


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Thank you everybody!!! It sure feels good to wake up in you own bed and to wake up on your own and not be woken up to have a thermometer shoved down your throat. They ended up getting a little over a quart of fluid. I am doing pretty good. Went t bed at 8:00 last night and got up a few times and took some percocets for pain. Faith was happy I was home, she kept wanting to look at my bandage on my chest and kept wanting the dogs to look at the bandages also. She wanted to make sure they new it was there so they would not hurt me...pretty funny. Guess I will be resting most of the day and then go get my chemo in the morning so please keep the prayers coming, I will need them I think. Thank you all again.

David C.

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