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"Slightly Depressed"?


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...exhibiting some symptoms of depression...

...seems to indicate mild depression...

SO, is "slight depression" like being "a little bit pregnant"? Ya know, the pregnant where YOU know you're pregnant but it's not obvious to the rest of the world yet...

I'm just wondering...because although at times I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders - crushing me, I really don't think I'm depressed...but my therapist feels I have some symptoms of depression...or that I'm slightly depressed...

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm really feeling stressed, but not "depressed". I don't feel like I'm in a blue funk or that nothing will ever be right with the world...how can I be "depressed"? Hmmmm...

But, seriously, as long as there are home improvement and decorating projects that involve a hammer or power tools, I'm all set with stress relief... :wink:

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Becky, the hammer will work.A chain saw really works.Sometimes so does a good book,or as you yourself always tell folks--a nice bubble bath.

I think we all get a little depressed at times.Being able to recognize it is the key to shaking it.There have been times when I'll catch myself just sitting and staring out the window for a long period of time.(but not seeing or enjoying anything out there).Unable to make myself get busy with something.I then assure myself that I'm not pregnant and force me to get busy with something.(anything).

I call this giving my mind an enima.Once I get busy with a project(if I'm able to do it or not)it forces your mind to take a different street & usually I will get my sh!t back together again.Hang in there and get busy with your new house.(must be a lot to do there )

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Becky, I really do think there are "degrees" of depression and I think it is a good thing that you can recognize them. That way you can get a head start on doing something about it. I started on Zoloft 1 year after my first diagnosis and still on it. I am just not ready to go off on my own yet.

I sure wish I could find a therapist like yours. I have been to several and no help. I think my problem is I try to analyze myself and then tell them what I think and then they just agree with me. Not sure that is worth $120/Hr.

Maybe just talking with your therapist will head off anything further. Sure hope so - sounds like you have got a million things going on right. So glad to hear you are in your house - that has got to be a good thing! Take care.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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But, seriously, as long as there are home improvement and decorating projects that involve a hammer or power tools, I'm all set with stress relief... :wink:

(Making a note to NOT go and visit Becky until all the power tools are put away!)

I think I've just come out from a little bout of that myself, Becky. I'd think just moving and all that goes with it is a LOT of stress in and of itself, not to mention having to deal with illness at the same time.

It's like any other illness, yanno -- there is help for that too. Talking about it and writing about it helps, I think.

Hang in there. We need your shiny personality here!


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Moving is good....or, as in my case, NOT moving is also good for stress relief! :wink:

Yes, Beck...you CAN be a little bit depressed....just as you can be a little bit pregnant (which only means that in time, you'll be a LOT pregnant :wink: ) And if nothing else, being depressed to any degree would likely create a certain stress to get one's self OUT of the depressed state.....no? It's sorta one of those chicken/egg dilemmas. Which came first? The stress or the depression?

Maybe it doesn't matter. What matters is that you recognize that something ain't quite right...and you do what you KNOW works for you to get yourself out of it. If that means power tools and a new house, or being hungry for schnitzel and a package of veal that needs pounding.....or if it means meds and a therapist....well, go for it! 8)

You can prioritize too, you know. Set some stressors or issues aside for now. Only concern yourself with those that seem most important. You don't have to take on the Whole Wide Wonderful World of Worries all at once....do ya? :roll:

This year, I've sort of made Christmas (and all the inherent stress of the holidays) more of a non-issue. I'm doing what seems less stressful for me! I love baking and cooking at the holidays.....so more of my gifts to local friends will be from my kitchen this year! For those at a distance...I made a lot of things this year...knitted mufflers, caps and mittens for the little ones. It relaxes me to knit. A lot more than fighting my way through crowded aisles in the stores!! :?

I figure this year, I've got a good excuse for anything done differently or in a manner that is LEAST stressful for me! Anyone not happy with that can go suck an egg! :D (How's that for a hint of Scrooge?)

Sometimes, if we don't take care of ourselves....we ain't any good for anyone else....so do what you need to do Beck, and don't forget - now and then - to slow down and stop totally for a glass of Baileys, or that bubble bath or whatever else relaxes you.

Nothing like a little well earned self indulgence to offset mild depression or simple stress. Taken with a small puppy on your lap....well, you'll be smilin' in no time! :wink:

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(Making a note to NOT go and visit Becky until all the power tools are put away!)

Good advice, Di! :lol::lol::lol::lol:


I agree with Frank. We all get depressed at times. Me, too! Just out of the blue I will feel depressed and just generally have "Who cares!" or "Why do I bother?" attitude. I don't know where it comes from or why, but just boom and it's there. I usually just try to tell myself that this will pass and just go with it, and it does pass.

I know you are dealing with some heavy issues right now, which would be enough to depress any of us. On top of all that, there is the stress of the holidays and getting everything done, so your feelings are ok. Just flow with it and hammer away. Just don't slip and hit hubby by mistake! LOL!



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Hey Becky,

Going out on a limb here, BUT...could it be that you are a little "home sick" for your parent's home right now? I know that you're thrilled to be in your new home; but it's not "home" yet...is it? I remember way back when I first got married and moved out of my parent's home ... as excited as I was about having my own home, I was still very home-sick for a short time. Whatever it is, I hope you can scare it away with all those power tools and projects!

Love and prayers,

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take it from the depression queen - yes, you can be a little bit depressed.

I have a condition called dysthymia. (I think that's the spelling). it's a low level of depression you have for years, usually starting in childhood or adolescence. you don't realize you have it, it's like "walking depression" but it affects things like self esteem, decision making skills, etc. and it makes you more vulnerable to the big clinical depression which I have also had.

that's just a for instance. I don't think you have that. but there's a fine line between stressed and depressed. so you probably are stressed, and maybe just a little bit depressed.

you don't have to be suicidal to be depressed.

I wouldn't worry about it, but I would be, to some extent, aware of it.

take care, Becky.


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Just thinking there may be some light depression coming is

already a way of healing, the stress is something else, a new

home, a lot to do and the holidays coming fast, too fast.

but you will be ready for Xmas and will have a big smile and

you will feel proud of all that is already done.

Take care,


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Hi Becky

I agree that a person can be a "little" depressed. Dysthymia is the clinical word for it, just like Cheryl said, although a profound sadness or ongoing sadness may easily be confused with depression.

The fact is that it can become a serious problem if it is depression and not addressed and treated properly.

All of us can laugh off a "little depression"....and think that is the answer.

I don't think it is the answer at all. If someone is a little depressed and can laugh at a funny movie, then they are ahead of the game. A person who is definitely depressed finds it impossible to find anything in the movie to laugh at or may not even be able to concentrate on the movie at all.

If I find myself depressed, my natural instinct is to get the H-E double toothpicks out of there. I try to find joy, I try to find laughter, I try to find love, relaxation. But, sometimes that is not what will help at all. Sometimes, instead, what will help is to FEEL my sadness and LET IT GO on its own; to name my losses and to grieve them, and cry till the snot runs; to talk with a trusted friend about my sorrows. Now I am not talking pity pot stuff here. I am talking real life sorrows.

We have all had so many losses. For me, it has been a loss of health, a loss of occupation, a loss of my home, a loss of physical and mental function, a loss of hot water, a loss of dignity, a loss of family, losses of my brothers and parents, a loss of income, loss of stability and future hopes of getting my own life back. To me these are very real and HUGE! It is okay to ignore it for awhile, but it must be acknowelged at some point or it will bite my butt. And then I will be in a big pile of KAKA.

Everyone has their own way that works for them. I find that at different times different things work for me. Sometimes, it will be finding gratitude in everything that I have left...and I have so much. I really do! But, I must also be realistic and grieve my losses as well.

Spirituality and connectedness to my God helps but requires work and effort.

Meditation and prayer also has its place for me.

Isolation for myself is deadly, but the place I want to zoom to when I am feeling depressed and less than sociable. So it requires effort and putting myself in a vulnerable postion of opening up and trusting that I will be heard and nurtured back to health.

In summary, I guess that you can tell that, like Cheryl, I have had my experiences with clinical depression. It is not my fault. It is nobody's fault. It is a medical illness that involves chemical imbalance in the brain that can be treated with medication and a soft ear and wisdom and guidance.

Would be kinda nice if we had some expert here on board who could guide all of us through these difficult emotions that are inevitable to come with diagnosis of a life threatening illness and death.

Maybe I can talk with some trusted friends who are in the mental health business to see if they can help out here on this board..

The way I see it, lung cancer are just cells. The real deals are the people behind all of these cells...MIND BODY SPIRIT>>> all of us ...every part of us is affected.

Thanks for letting me ramble about this. I got a lot on my mind today.

With love, Cindi o'h

Together WE heal.

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I thought it was the leather and giddyup that would be your stress relief, but whatever.

No, I don't think this is the same as being kinda pregnant. Depression is a continuum, and of course you exhibit some of the signs. If you talk to the right shrink, breathing is a good indicator of some depression symptoms.

So keep on playing with your power tools, and rock on!


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I don't know you but your post to Snowflake was sooo funny. That should definitely cheer her up. It did me. Thanks for the laugh. I think we all have at least one jackass in our families. Take care!

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Sometimes I wonder if it really counts when our feelings are actually a true measure of what is actually going on around us... as in moving, finanical and job worries, and health concerns?? At any rate, I hope it all gets better very quickly for you.



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I say that you have all the right in the world to be "a little depressed Becky. Give it a little time before you resort to the "pills" though, you may find you will feel better very soon. Personally the less medication I put into my body the better I like it. Of course sometimes it is unavoidable and we are forced to take them, however, I sometimes wonder if it isn't an accumulation of different meds , (all working against each other) that makes people depressed in the first place.

Lots of love and feel better soon,


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Staying busy does help to relieve slight depression; however, it may be a way of not dealing with the problem too. In which case, only ads to the stress and overwhelmed feeling. The first thing to do is identify what it is that is bugging you, then make up a game plan to tackle each problem. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, extended, unable to say "no", guilty, used and abused. You need to take it one problem at a time.

Not everything is "fixable." You are not perfect, and that is ok. Try not to beat yourself up when things don't go your way. That is hard for me, cause I am in the "helping business," not the "fixin business." I have to try not to "fix" everything.

When you look at everything you do, who would not feel overwhelmed! You really make for a top list of stressors! (Move to new house, working mom, cancer survivor, practically a newlywed, Christmas, and the list goes on.)

I am glad you are getting counseling and taking meds to keep the monsters at bay. You are doing all of the right things to prevent serious major depression from occurring. If I can ever help, you are not alone.

Hope things improve,


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All I'm going to say is "Lexapro". It's some great stuff! If you feel the need for relief from the sadness and stress, and can't take care of it some other way, this stuff has really helped my husband, and is helping me. I've been in a funk since my mom died in Oct., always yelling at the kids, crying at the drop of a hat, and wanting to sleep all the time, but the Lexapro is really helping. I hope you feel better soon!

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Darn, I must have missed a funny Shelly post!

Becky, there may be some blessings in going to 20 hours for a time. More time with the power tools, for one :D .

You need to get your world all comfy. You need the peace of knowing you have a respite from the world. We are nest makers at heart.

One foot in front of the other. I was doing much better when I woke up each day knowing I could still put one foot in front of the other. Now that I am not so sure on any given day that I can do that without pain and hobbling like I am 89, I am fighting off depression.

When I look ahead to all that I need to be doing in the next months, including finding a nest so I can nest in :lol: , I am also feeling some stress. I am wondering how my body will fail me, it's not an IF any more. That sucks. But I am counting my blessings and I know you do too.

You are human, my friend. That's all we are. Just little specks in time. But from our vantage point, look how large we look! (some of us larger than others, lol--I mean me, for sure!!!). It's all about perspective. I know that, intellectually. But emotionally, it's hard to live within the confines of perepective. We mostly prefer the illusion of what we see up close, even to our own detrement.

Ok, so now I am philosphizing about the universal "we." . Damn, my training.

On the other hand, the up close way we see our lives is what we have to deal with. Moving, Drs., inner fears about our health, our children and our parenting etc, etc.

And sometimes, that seems daunting, even when we are not ill. But when we are, and to whatever degree, yikes!

How can we not be "slighly depressed?"

You are an amazing young woman! And all the amazing women, men and children etc that came before us and who will come after us, make up the big picture. The one we can't really ever see, at least not in this life.

So keep on being amazing and amaze yourself with your many gifts. And if a little chemical help is in the picture and a lot of just "you" time can be had, you will come back even more amazing.

love and fortitude


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