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Fay A.

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WOW, Fay! How fandabulous!

Now on, to removing an 'r' from that word...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful....maybe that ugly rash is the cancer cells hustling to get OUT of your body, running to the edge of da border and pressing to....get....OUT!


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I can not tell you how happy I am for you!!!! What a wonderful day that you can hear those wonderful words "No Evidence of Recurrent Disease"!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but now I'm looking FORWARD to getting my next CT scan on Jan. 28th to see how Tarceva has treated me! I never thought I'd say that! :lol:



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Fay!! What wonderful news! Oh, I am SO happy for you!

I logged on because I thought I had your email address and I must have forgotten to put it in my addy book. My mom had a few new nodules at her scan yesterday, so she was supposed to start Tarceva but since she just got her IRESSA filled, the doc said to continue with it since, in his words, the nodules are VERY small and he's not worried about them. He said they generally keep patients on one treatment for 2 cycles to determine if there has been improvement anyway. So she goes back on 2.11/05.

This is such good news, my mom is at dialysis now but when she comes home I'm going to tell her!


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