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A bronchoscope Friday


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Good morning everyone,

Bill's oncologist referred us to a pulmonologist to discuss the results of a CT Scan he had done last week. We met with him yesterday afternoon and we are scheduled for a bronchoscope tomorrow afternoon. The scan showed a possible recurrent tumor on the lung just above the original surgery site. The oncologist was very matter-of-fact in saying that it looks like it is probably another tumor with lymph node involvement (not sure how he came to that conclusion about the lymph nodes and was a little too shaken to think to ask at the time). The scan was ordered after Bill complained about a persistent and unproductive cough. Anyway....we REALLY liked this pulmonologist and not because he told us what we wanted to hear; but because he gave us hope. He said that he would not venture a guess until he did the scope and could see for himself. It is always possible that the "area of concern" on the scan was scarring from the radiation or that it could be the on-set of an infection. I never thought I'd be praying for scarring or infection....perspective, that's what it is all about.

Anyway....I hope that you will all keep us in your thoughts and/or prayers for good news tomorrow.

Thank you!

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Well, gulp, I guess I'll pray for scarring or infection, too. :shock: God will certainly understand.

Hang in there, Beth. I know you are a nervous wreck. With the new bar that has been opened, perhaps Cindi can serve you up something special for scanitis - my term for scan anxiety.

Love and prayers,


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