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Feeling like crud again...


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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I've really been dragging. That's why I havent posted anything in a while. I taught my husband how to get on the computer & to this site so that if &/or when I can't do it, he can keep you updated. I am going to look into changing my onc. appt. from a week from tomorrow to tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm having all kinds of new pain & it's pretty intense. Several places throughout my abdomen & chest. I'm having some really bad headaches & my vision is blurring again. I'm also having some trouble thinking of the words for things sometimes. My joints are killing me too. I'm having a devil of a time getting on my feet & walking. Obviously, it's time for new scans. Either myself or Greg will let you all know what we learn as soon as we learn it. I'll try to do it myself because Greg tends to try to look at it all through rose colored glasses (denial).

Well anyway, it doesn't sound too good. I guarantee you, it feels downright horrible. What really stinks is that I'm not even 2 months out of chemo.

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So sorry you are not feeling good, Melanie.

I had a big flare of what turned out to be rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome after I had gone through treatment. Not wishing this on anyone, but I am hoping that is what it will be for you. My thinking was off kilter too and I had blurred vision along with it... It was pretty awful. I got my gnarly fingers crossed that some anti inflammatories will do the trick.!

All the best to you, Melanie.

Cindi o'h

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So sorry to hear you are feeling so crudy... I hope you can get that appointment moved ASAP. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is something like Cindi said and it can be cured with anti inflammatories.


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Prayers are being sent your way immediately! The onc. needs to get the pain under control ASAP. They can do that. If this onc. isn't doing the job, then seek other council instead. If I can do anything for you please pm. me. I think of you and Greg alot and hope this journey gets lots easier for you!

Hugs to you,


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