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Saw Surgeon


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Saw my surgeon and I don't really know why I feel better, but I really trust him. Maybe because we went through surgery, maybe it's because he and my Mom got into a big fight when I was first dx. Don't know what it is but he has a calming affect on me. Maybe I should go hang out with him for a few weeks till I'm feeling better. :)

The dx is really no better, we spent a long time going over everything. He said he has never seen anything like it before. He explained that to go into the other lung that the disease has to travel through your body, I told him about the clean spleen, adreanal and brain....and he said, I know.

I asked him what he would do if it were him, he said do chemo a couple times, have a pet and ct scan to see what's happening. The nodules are not as big as I thought, why do doctors like to compare things to veggies. I have pea's like Dave did! The largest is the size of a pea. He doesn't believe that it is SCLC instead of the original dx of NSCLC, he liked the fungal infection suggestion, we discussed that.

He said regardless.....I am young and have LC, do the chemo, afterward he will see if he can get in there and take a look, if necessary. He said there may be one good area on the left side that he can get to.

I asked about going to a large cancer research area and he said that if it would make me feel better then to go....we discussed that in detail.

He didn't want me to get to excited about the fungal infection but did say that until we could prove it wasn't cancer we needed to treat it like cancer and proceed from there.

My mom and husband feel a lot better after talking to him, I was high on Xanax so I was just sitting there grinning at him trying to ask intellegent questions. I gave my mom and husband the questions to ask before we went, just in case.

Just not sure how I feel, maybe I'm preparing for tomorrow and the poison infusion. Gonna do som research on the various trials and treatment centers you all have suggested and research these fungal infections.

That's all I know for now......still scared, apprehensive and dumb-founded!

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That sounds like positive news. I hope Atlima knocks the heck out of it if it is cancer, but of course hope it is not.

Are you considering going to a larger cancer center for a second opinion? I personally would research the world class top people, and call t hem just to see if they can help. Just a suggestion, like the surgeon said you are so young, aggressively they can knock it all out and you can go back to being a normal mom :):)

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I think it is a great idea that you go to stay with him if he has that calming effect on you. Did ja ask him if he has room for you?? I am sure that he would be happy to put you up!

I think it is just great that he gave you so much reassurance. I am so glad that your Mom and Kurt were there with you. Aside from the chemo that you have to go through, I think just getting prepared mentally for this next battle is your biggest challenge and it sounds as if this doctor is completely in your court.

I hope that you do stay in close contact with him somehow. Could you write a note of thanks to him to let him know how much confidence that he gave to you? And then ask him if he will give you some power talks along the way as you need?

I think about you all the time and pray that the Alimta will work a miracle for you...against this cancer or even against this fungus...but BEGONE...whatever it is..


Cindi o'h

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I have been worried about Beth. She knows my worries and apprehensions. but I know this surgeon, too - he did Dave's pericardial window - and I share her faith in him. he's smart, he's sharp, and he says exactly what he thinks.

I talked to Beth when she got home and I could hear the well, relief, in her voice, and I feel better, too.

Beth - I will still do anything you need me to do, research wise, or help the family wise, as much as I can, OK?

but just want to express my confidence in your plan. I glad you went to see him.

hang in there, kiddo.


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God Beth, fungus sounds like a good thing at this point. Glad your surgeon made you feel better. Think of you often and now I'm praying if

it has to be something let it be a fungus. All the strange reactions you have had fungus sounds on the correct track. lol. Take care.

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Dear Beth,

Sounds like you have alot of support and a good dr. I don't know much about nodules but I do remember reading somewhere that about 60% of them are non cancerous (alot of people have them, and they're nothing). I'm so wishing the best for you. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. You're the strongest person!!!!!


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Next order is change that Avatar to one with a more positive attitude. Every time I see those tears , I cry too. :cry: I think you should feel very encouraged by what the surgeon had to say. Just as I was trying to ask you... how big... ok peas.. and what does all this mean really.. well, we don't know... fungal infection? maybe... Beth, all you can do is take it one day at a time and hope for the best..Like Cindi says, maybe a letter ... Hope he will stay in touch with your case. If Alimta is next on the agenda, just know that Mike has been taking it since early December and if we can answer a question we will try. I just want to say that you have our prayers going in to this. Take care...

Love, Sue

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Beth, I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better about things. Your surgeon sounds terrific. Let's hope the poison works on whatever it is -- and that everything else becomes moot. Given your history of horrible reactions to just about everything, a fungus makes a lot of sense!

Will be thinking of you as you go through the chemo. Give whatever it is the works and kick the be-youknowwhat out of it@


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Hi Beth,

Sounds like your appointment with your surgeon had a positive effect on you. That is really encouraging.

I have been thinking alot about you, Addie, Don and Lucie and have been sending out healing thoughts during my meditation sessions.

Praying the Altima works, fingers and toes crossed.

Take care, keep us informed as always. I have a strong feeling this is all going to turn out in your favor.

Hang in there,


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Your surgeon sounds like a wonderful man. Very level headed. I think doing the chemo and seeing the effects is a good start. I pray that all goes well with the Alitma and you have total success with it.

I'm thinking of you all the time......hang in there!


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