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Bellringer needs prayers - brain mets

gerbil runner

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I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. I still read almost every day, and pray for all. My husband lost a sister to a brain aneurism in December, and our business has been very difficult to deal with.

Mom was hospitalized with undiagnosed pain in November after her pancreatic stent was removed. The best anyone could figure was that she had a gallstone (even though her gallbladder was removed 36 years ago) which caused the pain.

Then in December she got an infection of the lung lining which would have killed her had not the doctors involved been truly wonderful.

When Mom was discharged after Christmas, she was noticeably weakened by the time in the hospital, and depressed that she spent 2 Christmases in a row in a hospital bed.

Slowly, Dad started noticing that Mom was "off" a bit. Not good with keeping time. Quieter. Not having an opinion about much of anything. Fascinated with the second and on her watch.

Long story short - today Mom had a brain MRI, and there is a brain met.

Mom has questionable judgement, and is having continence problems. She's perfectly happy, but says she understands why Dad and I are so worried.

Tomorrow she begins radiation. We don't have a full report yet as to how large the met is, or whether there is more than one.

Please remember my mom, Claire, aka "bellringer" in your prayers.

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Hi Jen

Sorry to hear about the new mets. Just wanted to let you know that Mum completed 10 sessions of WBR a few weeks ago, and had very little trouble with side-effects. She has not yet had a scan to determine the effectiveness of the treatment, but her symptoms have not returned, so we are hopeful.

Wishing you all the best.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's difficult time. Hang in there, you're a wonderful daughter, make sure you take care of yourself, too, or else you won't be of much use to anyone. Sounds like your mom is getting great care, I'll be thinking of you, your mom, and your family. Hugs-Nancy

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My dad just completed 15 WBR treatments 1 week ago. This last week he has started to feel better and not having any of the symptoms that he had prior to diag. of mets. Just be sure to get a 2nd opinion on further treatment if the drs say there is nothing else to do. That is what they told my dad and his 2nd opinion said they think gamma knife could be done. My dad has 7 mets. Hopefully 0 after the WBR.

I will be praying for your family and hoping that the WBR zaps them all gone.

Love and Hugs,


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Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.

There are 3 brain mets - the largest is about the size of a ping-pong ball :shock: . Mom had her first WBR treatment on Friday. She is on Decadron also, but so far it's not having the nasty mood side effects it did in the past.

Mom's oncologist is in Japan giving conferences, but will be back to see her in about a week and a half.

We're not sure what to expect at this point. Anyone with SCLC and brain mets - what are your stories?

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So sorry that your mom has to go through this -- but so many people have had wonderful results with the WBR -- let's hope that it works for your mom as well. In the meantime, we're all plugging for her, for you and your family. Keep us posted!


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