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Home from Hospital // Frank update 04/14/05

Frank Lamb

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Hello everyone, I finally got the hell outta dodge (the hospital).

I want to thank all of you for the much needed support and caring.It really helps make a difference.

They really put me thru the ringer in there.I came home with a bag (cathiter)to catch everything coming out the front end,and a cork or something stopping up everything at the back end.They also have me on enough medicine at the moment to drop an elephant.So bear with me as I try to type and think.???

From what I remember radiation hit something that made my heart do a lulu.They had to put me out and bring me back with the paddles.My bowels and bladder are still very confused but my heart has been holding up ok so far.

Having lots of support from my family (wife,sister,children,grandchildren,church,& LCSC)has really had a lot to do with getting me thru this.Thank you all again very much for your thoughts,prayers,& bud lites.

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It is really good to see you back Frank. I do not know how many more Bud Lites I could drink to your health. I'll knock back more until you are back to the new normal.

I hope the bag and the cork are removed soon.

My best to you for a quick recovery.


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I hope the bag and cork aren't removed until the reason they are there is all cleared up!

Frank, it's SO GOOD to see you back. Drugged stupor and a straw up the whazoo or not, it's just plain good to see you back.

Hope your parts get shook back into working order in a righteous hurry, dude!



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Jeez, Frank....didn't anyone tell you that the idea of a hospital stay is a good R & R, with your own t.v., mediocre food and cute nurses to trim your toenails for you? :? Sheesh.

Seriously....this must have been a scary time for you and your family but I'm delighted that you're home again and back with us. You were missed terribly!

And you know...Mr. Ry was getting sorta funky with all that beer he's been hoisting in your honor. Even Ry couldn't make sense of him. :wink:

Stay well, Frank....we need you right here!

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I read an article about the Budweiser stock not doing so well...they blame people drinking wine. I knew it was you being in the hospital sending the stock into a nose dive! John tried to do your part and save those jobs..

I am glad you are home. I missed you! The joke forum has not been the same with you gone.

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Frank Frank Frank,

You really had us worried! Sounds like you have had quite a time. Thank goodness all was taken care of. It must have been quite scary with the heart thing, but you are strong and are back to tell us your great jokes and keep John sober!

Seriously, welcome back. Get better w/the "other end" quickly.


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Sounds like they've got you coming and going. Or trying.

Glad you came through this in one piece! Amazing what this chemo and/or radiation does to us and we don't even know about it for a while.

As long as they haven't stopped up your sense of humor and your great attitude, you're in great shape, huh!

Take care. Glad you are OUT of the hospital and back where you belong. We missed you!


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they might have stolen your continence in the hospital, but THANK GOD they left your wonderful sense of humor intact!

It is so so very good to "hear your voice" again. We missed you. and I hope like heck you get all your parts in normal working order soon.

Bring you back with the paddles? Oh my gosh, that's awful? amazing? I'm just glad you are still here.

God Bless and lots of love from Chapman Acres,


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I'm so sorry you have been through so much. You story gave me chills. That's scary stuff there Frank. Your next mission is to get well enough to make jokes about all this horrible stuff, as only you could do. Your warmhearted and caring presence has been missed on the board. It's good to see you back. Take care..

(((Hugs))) to you and your family,


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Welcome home Frank!!! It must feel wonderful to be back in your home away from that place.

Inviting your to Cindi's 50th birthday today. Her bar is open all night!! Even if you can't make it we will have a chair for you at the bar with your name on it, so nobody can sit there. With or course Bud Lights lined up. :D

We are so glad that you are home and hopefully can attend with all your plugs. We won't even notice :shock:

Take care, get plenty of rest than get back to your old self ASAP. We missed you here.


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When you said "put a cork in it!" you weren't talking about your hind end were you? Boy, those docs took you literally!

You were really missed around here. I was getting pm's and emails asking when you were coming home! I said you were too busy with the binoc's to leave the hospital. So glad you are surrounded by family and friends and the other dregs of society (like John, Rich, CharlieD, jimben and others, I guess) who don't mind sittin' around and knocking a few back with you!

p.s. Where can I get one of those bags..it sure would make the sandbox runs a whole lot easier on these 50 year old bones! See you at the party!

love, Cindi o'h

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