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Where's Frank?


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I'm here.I have been trying to lend support but I have been so sick I haven't been able to post.

Had a very,very bad week.I am having all kinds of problems.Blood pressure still low,pulse too high,102 temperature,protime went too far the other direction now it is up to 5.3 inr,lots of blood in urine(still wearing catheter),have a urinary tract infection,unable to eat hardly at all this week (lost another 5 or 6 pounds.

I'm having a lot more trouble with chemo and radiation this time.It is really knocking the crap out of me.

I am sorry to add to the bad news that I have read here.Will try to post more next week and be of more support to everyone.

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Frank, dear Frank,

Love and support for you and for Connie. We are relatively new here, but absolutely know how much you support all of us. You welcomed us so warmly when we came here and we love to read the posts to and about you. You are so loved and so respected and so important.

Please know how much we care and how much YOU DO SUPPORT ALL OF US. We feel your support whether you can post or not.

Thank you!!

Love and sincere good wishes

Brian and Pat

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You've spent so much time supporting many of us here. Let us have a turn and support you for a change. It's mutual give and take here. So when you're up to posting, please do. And remember, it might be your time to vent and need support and that's perfectly okay. Many of us have been thinking about you and wondering what was going on.

Sending prayers your way.

Gail P-M

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Don't worry about posting if you're not up to it. We are all here whenever you need us and you just need to concentrate on getting rid of that darn infection, and in turn, the catheter. Sounds like the chemo is really running your counts down.

Sending prayers,


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Hi Frank,

I feel so bad that you are feeling poorly. I have been thinking of you and was afraid something like this was going on with you. As you always post.

I pray you have a better week this week. You do not have to answer our posts. Just take care of Frank and please feel better and post when you are up to it.

Prayers being sent to your for a better tomorrow.


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Lots of positive thoughts and MANY prayers being sent your way. For sure they will get there for I am only in PA as you are - so not too far for them to fly!!!!!

Sure hope you get to feeling at least a little better this week.

Take care - we all miss you when you aren't here!


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Frank...don't you worry about not posting. Just get yourself feeling better and let US provide the support for YOU until you're back on track...ok?

Sounds like you've got a lot going on right now...and NOT necessarily in the right direction. I hope it all turns around for you soon...and that the infection clears up, bp and pulse straighten out...etc. We want you feeling good, able to put away a Bud Lite when you feel like it...and here, crackin' jokes~! :wink:

I'm sure Connie is pampering you...and that will help get you back here soon. Sending good thoughts to both of you...but don't worry about anything but YOU right now, alright? Just get better...and get back here asap.

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