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Oh friends.

This is a hoot and a holler...our little friend, Beth, has made one year post diagnosis! Lordy, this girl has been through it for sure. She is a scrapper..she learned from her Mom. And if she isn't able to scrap, then her Mom steps in for her.

Kids, we are going to party down, in Beth's honor. Her kids have worked hard, her husband, Kurt, has worked hard this whole year to get her where she is today....ALIVE and BREATHING!

Don't we just love this girl! She is a NUT!

I know Beth, and she will drink just about anything in a glass from the tap.

Me? I am having a Margarita, of course, to celebrate this occasion. Let's raise our glasses in a toast to this event. YAY! BETH!

clink clink

love, Cindi o'h

(ps..Beth really doesn't believe she deserves a celebration cuz she is not "clean" for a year. I told her this ain't AA or NA or whatever A... help us out here...she deserves a celebration, doesn't she?)

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all of that and a bag of chips!!!!!!

Beth, surviving one year is awesome! This is not a situation where you need style points!!

You got over the hump the best way you could.

Congrats to you and your supportive family!

Brian and I will have diet coke, tho, cuz we are both long time AA members..............this would not be a good time for us to fall off the wagon..........

Lots of love, and we volunteer to be the Designated Drivers!

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Add me to the list of party hearty folks! Congratulatons to Beth!!!!! DID IT YOUR WAY!!!!! I have waited and waited for a party! First time to not be over in the corner. I'll START with a bloody mary!

Here's to another year for you, Beth.


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Good Job!!! You did it! 1 year is a big deal. We all know that it hasn't been easy on anyone, so cheers to Beth and her wonderful supportive family!

I'll have a Texas size maraarita with salt please, the usual! :P "clink, clink"


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Whoo-hoo! One year is a big deal. And I think you do need to go for Style points. I'm voting you ten big ones, Beth. I've liked your style from your first post. You're unsinkable!

So glad to hear about the celebration. I'll have a whole pitcher of strawberry margaritas and then let Brian and Pat drive me home -- which for sure they'll have to do, because even one margarita can put me under the table.

Thanks Cindi for setting up the celebration!

Go Beth!

Go Cindi!

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Beth, You have had one heck of a year and you deserve a huge pat on the back for being so strong and caring.

I am going to skip the Pinot Noir and lift an Old Fashion in celebration of 1 year and in anticipation of many more anniversaries for you dear friend.

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Happy Anniversary Beth!!! This definetely calls for honors at Cindi's Pub.

No matter how you are feeling, you made it to one year, and I know we will be celebrating 2 years next.

You rule Girl, Iam proud of your attitude and sense of humor after all you have been through.

Again, contrats!!! and many many more.


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Oh man, I hate to be late to a party. Hope you've got some Margarita juice left, Cin!!??? :!:

Beth, honey....you don't have to be clean in order to merit a party...ya just gotta be here at the pub! You don't even have to dress up. Come in your robe or your loungies. Wear your slippers. Hat or no hat....hair or no hair....WE DON'T CARE, long as you bring your sense of humor....ok?

Now...in order to make you feel better about this bash...let me just put it out there right now that MY dx anniversary date is coming up too....May 10th. I'm not clean either...but I figure Cindi has another bottle of Tequila or some vanilla vodka set aside for me on that date....right, Cin?

Celebrate the occasion, Beth. You'll have other occasions to come that will also merit some whooping it up...so you'd best get some practice in, okay? :wink:

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