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Husband With Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Hello All this is my 1st post to this site.

My husband was dx with Limited sclc on Jan 10 2005 and we have not had an easy time. He was DX with a 7 x 7 tumor in the upper lobe of his right lung with superior veynacava syndrome. Had Brain, Stomach and bone scans on Jan 21st all clear.

Alan had his 1st chemo treatment on Jan 20th Cisplatin and CPT 11 with no side effects.

2nd treatment with CPT 11 was on Jan 27th.

was admitted to the hospital with infections on Jan 31st and released on Feb 5th.

Was re-admitted on Feb 13th in a severe altered state cause unknown. Had next chemo treatements while in the hospital Feb 17, 18 and 19th cisplatin and VPT 16. released Feb 20th

Again re-admitted to the hospital on Feb 23rd in another severe altered state. Cause Orgainic psycosis caused by steriod Decadron. detox from steriod and released on Feb 27th.

Was then re-admitted on March 1st this time with bi-lateral pneumonia. spent 18 days in ICU and finally released on March 31st. While in hospital developed blood infection in his port a cath which had to be removed. Devolped blood clot behind his left knee. Also lost 40 pounds.

Alan has had no chemo treatments since Feb 20th and Dr.'s have advised against further treatments. Started 7 weeks of radiation on May 9th to shrink remaing tumor. Has been successful to date and tumor is now mesured in ml instead of CM.

Just wondering what we could expect next. I believe Alan's next scans will be after radiation is complete. He is getting stronger everyday, but still sleeps most of the day and is slowly putting weight back on.

Anyone with similar experiences.

God Bless all of you

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Welcome, Debbie. Glad you posted. My wife did not have as many hospitalizations as your husband, but she did go to ER with infected port, which went systemic (staph), and almost killed her. She had another port put in on the other side and has had no trouble with it. She then later had bilateral pneumonia, which we believe was induced by the chemo she was taking at the time. She survived that also. The cancer has appeared several times and she has responded well to the chemo and the radiation (see bio below). Best to you both. Hang in there. Don

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Hi Debbie: your husband has indeed had a rough time. I am glad to hear he is getting stronger. I don't know much about sclc. There is a sclc section that you can browse through to see what other's experiences have been. I would like to welcome you and give you my best wishes for your husband.

Don M

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Debbie,welcome to our support family.There are many knowing and caring people here to help you.

I have usually always been told to take a break after radiation.Usually 30 days befor new scans are taken.The radiation (like chemo)is cumulative,it keeps building up in the body and also keeps working in the body usually 4 to 6 weeks after treatment has stopped.

I'm sorry Alan had so much trouble with chemo but don't give up the ship.A lot of the members have had good results with shrinkage from radiation.In addition to that sclc usually responds well to treatments.

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Oh my goodness, Debbie! What a nightmare trip you guys have been on. You must be one strong woman, and sounds like you've got one tough man there!

I can't give any advice on SCLC because my husband has NSCLC. Maybe the next time, your husband can try a different chemo when he gets a little stronger that won't throw him into such terrible problems.

Hang in there, and stay close to us. We're here to help you in any way we can.



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Hi Debbie,

Your husband certainly has been through so much since January.

As I cannot help you with SCLC, there certainly are many people her who could.

I just want to welcome you and let you know that we are a wonderful, caring group who give a wealth of support and knowledge.

Keep us posted on his progress and know that we are always her for you.

Prayers being sent to your husband,


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